December 4 - 6, 2019


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QuantiServ offers specialised, fast and reliable support, maintenance and repair services for customers operating equipment by multiple brands, both in the marine and energy sectors. The QuantiServ team currently consists of some 400 specialised professionals. They provide reconditioning and in-situ services as well as flexible repair and overhaul services for auxiliary and generating sets onboard customers’ vessels. The repair and overhaul services are carried out by “Mobile Teams”, which board the customer’s vessel and perform the job during the voyage. QuantiServ makes it easier for our customers to plan their maintenance and service operations as well as to run and optimise their installations – regardless of the brand of their equipment. QuantiServ offers a fast and simple solution for maintenance and repair, especially in non-planned and emergency situations. The dedicated QuantiServ team is equipped with leading technology and know-how, certified expertise to match IMO requirements, extensive OEM experience and unmatched global reach.

Products & Services


In-situ Machining Services

QuantiServIn-situ Machining Services: Whenever a worn-out or damaged machinery component is too large tobe brought to a machine shop, or when doing so involves too much dismantlingwork and thus is too time consuming and costly, then the solution is to bringthe machine tools to the site. This is what in-situ machining is all about.For several years, QuantiServ has been supporting machinery owners andoperators from various industries such as marine, energy, petrochemical and oiland gas, to name a few, with cutting-edge in-situ machining services. In twelvelocations across the globe we have highly trained engineers who are able torespond and travel to a site within hours.

Reconditioning Services

QuantiServ Reconditioning Services brings used components back to as-newcondition: same dimensions, specifications, performance, quality, warranty andlifetime as new. QuantiServ offers two reconditioningoptions: reconditioning on exchange and reconditioning of client's owncomponent.


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