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PPG Protective & Marine Coatings

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PPG Protective & Marine Coatings

PPG is a supplier of high performance protective coatings for marine and offshore applications worldwide. Key brands covering marketplace needs include PPG Novaguard(R) 810 ER, PPG Sigmashield(R) 880 and 1200, PPG One Series, a full range of Amercoat® products, Amershield™ polyurethane, PSX® Engineered Siloxane, the latest breakthrough in engineered siloxane technology, and the SIGMA COATINGS™ line which provides superior protection under some of the world’s most demanding conditions and environments.

Products & Services


Amercoat® 240

Amercoat® 240 is the next generation universal epoxy for use in virtually all areas of marine vessels, including: underwater hulls; freeboards; decks & superstructures; interior spaces & dry voids; bilges, holds, tanks & wet voids.  

Dimetcote® 302H

Dimetcote® 302H reinforced inorganic zinc primer is a proven cathodic primer for protecting steel structures, tanks, equipment piping, barges, offshore structures and other exposed surfaces.

SigmaShield™ 1090

SigmaShield™ 1090 is a reinforced, solvent-free epoxy coating for steel and concrete.  SigmaShield™ 1090 performs exceptionally well in extreme impact and abrasion areas.  In addition, offers a seamless water-impermeable layer with excellent anticorrosive properties.  This product is also suitable for protection of decks exposed to heavy impact and abrasion.

PSX® 700

PSX® 700 Polysiloxane, the latest breakthrough in engineered siloxane technology, offers the ease and convenience of brush, roll or spray application, along with superior long-term weatherability and gloss retention.  With low VOCs, high solids, and no isocyanates, PSX 700 meets or exceeds the most stringent environmental standards. This outstanding coating is developed for use as a high performance finish coat over a wide range of existing coating systems.

Sigmaglide 890® / Sigmaglide 1290®

Sigmaglide 890® / Sigmaglide 1290® Sigmaglide® 890 is a biocide-free, pure silicone finish fouling release coating for ships, installations and sea water intakes under all fouling conditions.  Offering an extensive track record, this product is marine life friendly, smooth and easy to clean finish and is suitable for a broad range of vessels. The Sigmaglide® 1290 system is a 100 percent silicone binder fouling release system that uses a dynamic surface regeneration technology to eliminate slime problems at dramatically increase fuel savings compared to existing fouling release products.


Sigmashield™1200 coating is the latest development in reinforced, abrasion- and impact-resistant coatings designed specifically for ice-going service.  This highly successful solvent-free epoxy phenolic technology delivers proven anticorrosive properties and very high polymer cross-link density to enhance abrasion resistance.  In addition, Sigmashield™ 1200 is superior in terms of gouge resistance.

PSX® One

PSX® One is an acrylic siloxane providing outstanding color retention, this product keeps its gloss after many standard urethanes and other acrylic siloxanes have begun to fade.  PSX® ONE provides users a lower VOC and a more durable topcoat.  Its single component feature makes it ideal for maintenance and repair as well as ongoing touch-up and is available in the full PSX® color range.

Amercoat® One

Amercoat® ONE, a true single component epoxy, puts the corrosion resistance of a two-component epoxy into a single container.  Building on a legacy of coatings innovations, PPG brings together the chemical complexities of a two-component epoxy product to the market in one can without sacrificing performance.  

Sigmadur™ One

Sigmadur™ ONE, a single component urethane topcoat, offers a durable, aesthetic finish that is similar to two-component urethanes and outperforms conventional alkyd based finish coats in color and gloss retention.  It is compatible with most aged coatings and has excellent adhesion properties.  Sigmadur™ ONE provides the benefits of a durable two-component coating without wasting material. Its ease of application saves time while providing excellent protection, thus lengthening the life of assets.


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