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Phoenix Lighting

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Phoenix Lighting

Phoenix manufactures the world’s toughest lights, right here in America. Our marine fixtures last longer because “Durability by Design®” is more than our slogan, it’s the backbone behind every fixture that we produce. Designed to endure constant vibration, large temperature variances and corrosive marine environments, Phoenix LEDs eliminate maintenance and improve safety for crews around the world.

Products & Services


Metallic LED VP Retrofit

Constructed of cast marine-grade aluminum or brass, these fixtures are designed for outdoor marine (saltwater) environments or other industrial environments. Ideal for marine vessels, offshore platforms, and high vibration equipment. Models are UL 1598A, IP66, ABS.  US Patent No. D642,327 and D650,518. Visit for a spec sheet and more information!

ModCom® 2 Series

The ModCom® 2 Series is an LED floodlight series that are instant-on, surface mounted fixtures designed to provide general area illumination in a versatile package.  Solid state lighting technology is extremely energy efficient and low maintenance even in the harshest of environments.  Designed for versatility, the ModCom® 2 LED floodlights have a heavy duty harp with an adjustable aiming axis.  Designed to replace 400-1500 watt HID fixtures while drawing less than half the power. Visit for a spec sheet and more information!


The SturdiLED® is a super-rough service LED floodlight designed to replace low-wattage floodlights. Featuring solid state LED technology, the SturdiLED® offers excellent energy efficiency as well as ultimate vibration resistance. Visit for a spec sheet and more information!

HDL-LED Series

The HDL-LED Series has been designed to replace linear fluorescent fixtures. Using marine grade construction, conformal coated circuit boards and a potted driver, this fixture is designed to withstand the elements. The HDL-LED features a versatile, compact design and provides the essentials for almost any project including several output levels, optic options, mounting capabilities and emergency battery backup. It is designed for machine houses, engine rooms, and various other demanding applications. for a spec sheet and more information!


The LEDBM is an energy efficient 14W fixture that delivers up to 520 lumens to below-deck marine applications. Perfect for berth, mirror, and bunk lighting, the LEDBM-USB is built from marine grade components that offer resistance against corrosion and high vibration. Now with a USB port for phone and device charging, the LEDBM-USB offers a new level of hospitality to crafts.

Conveyo (CVO)

The Conveyo, also known as the CVO, is an economic yet durable 50W LED fixture. The CVO is designed to deliver up to 6000 lumens to narrow pathways and general wall or pole mount lighting applications.


The LEDLT Series is an instant-on, surface-mounted fixture designed to replace selectlinear fluorescent fixtures. Conformal coated LED boards and a potted driver work to prevent moisture intrusion. At only 17W (28 inch length), the LEDLT uses 50% less energy when compared to a 2 foot 2 lamp T8 linear fluorescent fixture. for a spec sheet and more information!

ReadiLED™ Series

The ReadiLED™ is  an LED snaplight and was designed to replace linear fluorescent fixtures. Vibration-resistant for demanding applications and superior corrosion resistance. The LED technology increases efficiency, eliminates maintenance and supports green initiatives. We also provide retrofit trays as an option as well. for a spec sheet and more information!


This compact LED Area Light delivers up to 1000 lumens to doorways, walkways, cabins or other small areas. The Cube-Light has wall and ceiling mounting options. The LED technology increases efficiency, eliminates maintenance and supports green initiatives. Visit for a spec sheet and more information!


The Wayfinder™ delivers 1100 lumens to accessways, walkways, stairways, platforms and other small areas, giving it the highest lumens/watt output in its class. This powerful yet compact light projects a wide beam angle, allowing fewer fixtures to cover more surface area for effective and efficient lighting. The Wayfinder™ also includes a built-in emergency battery backup (EMB) option to keep the fixture illuminated for up to 2 hours during a power interruption.

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