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Patterson Company

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870 Riversea Road
Pittsburgh , PA 15233
United States
Booth #2017

Patterson Company

Since 1858 Patterson has been providing equipment for the marine industry that’s safer, easier and faster to use. From barge winches (such as the innovative web winch and yo-yo winch) to the BC-40, manual, electric, hydraulic and enclosed-gear winches, Patterson’s products reduce maintenance, increase safety and streamline performance.

Products & Services


3 Shaft Electric Boat Winch

3 Shaft Electric Boat WinchPatterson’s 3 Shaft Fully Electric Winch comes standard with Nema 4 spring-loaded electric brake, locking dog, roller bearings, rope guards and gear guards. Optional saltwater-corrosion package includes stainless steel shafts, nuts, bolts, and anti-seize on all threads or fasteners. Full 1 year limited warranty.

3 Shaft Manual Barge Winch

3 Shaft Manual Barge WinchWith its Patented load release system, the Patterson 3 Shaft Manaul Barge Winch is the safest, fastest and easiest to use in the industry. The quick change, solid, safety wheel comes standard. Available with optional galvanized corrosion package, which includes, stainless steel shafts, nuts, bolts and anti-seize on all threads or fasteners. Full 1 year limited warranty.

Low Profile Electric Winch

Low Profile Electric Winch • Manual locking dog for emergency use • When deck space is limited, the Low-Profile winch is the solution • The Low-Profile series of Winches provide high line speed and high line pull • This series of winches range from 20-ton through 75-ton capacities • Low-Profile design has fewer parts creating lower maintenance • Full rope guard to protect the wire rope from being fouled by the gearing • Full gear shroud to protect gearing and help provide personal protection • Units available in right or left hand models. • Motor sizes 3 HP to 10 HP, 208 Volt, 230/460 Volt, 3 phase with thermostat relays • Galvanized winches for optimal corrosion protection available.

Strap Winch

Strap Winch Patterson's patented Strap Winch takes safety to a new level. Instead of wire rope, this winch uses lightweight webbed strapping to eliminate spring coil, wild strands, and burns. Tests have proven that Patterson's web strapping can handle a heavier load than rope. Ton for ton, the Strap Winch is stronger and more reliable. The floatable webbing is flexible even in icy weather, and it's a cinch to use— just connect it to the barge wire thimble and crank up the slack. The Strap Winch features an open design with 360 degrees swivel, and its shrouded gearing protects the webbing.

YoYo Winch with new Gravity Handle

Yoyo Winch with new Gravity Handle The Yoyo is completely different from anything else on the market. Its single-stacking design eliminates spring coil, fouling, and uncontrolled spooling, and it's up to 50% faster than ratchets. Operation is simple and safe, with a patented double-dog design that allows easy maximum line tensioning. And the Yoyo's contained spring coil eliminates injuries due to rope memory. This advanced technology saves barge operators so much time and cost that in most cases it pays for itself.

The BC-40 Barge Connector

BC40 Barge Winch When your ready to upgrade and say goodbye to ratchet problems— but you still use wire tope—the BC-40 is the winch you need. Economical and easy to use, this winch is the first step toward modernizing your rigging. A spinner knob on the compact hand wheel allows fast take-up, and the heavy-duty throw-out handle makes quick load release easy and safe. We designed the BC-40 with a hot-dipped galvanized corrosion package. The patent double-dog design allows for higher line tension, and stud mounting allows for 360 degrees operation. And the patented open-bottom design makes for easy clean out.

Thru-Deck Capstan

Thru-Deck Capstan Full Length Barrel Whelps – The elimination of the traditional but unnecessary double whelped barrel also eliminates the sharp ridge separating the two. This makes your operations safer and extends the life of your cordage by eliminating this dangerous cut point. At Patterson, we realize that just because something always has been, doesn’t mean it always should be.Keeping Height in Mind – When designing the capstan head on our Thru-Deck Capstan, we realized that bigger is not always better. Listening to customer feedback, we found that this goes double when trying to add or remove wraps to the barrel. With a more compact height, Patterson designed a capstan head with plenty of space to meet the wrap requirements of modern cordage, while making a product that is safer and easier to work with for deck hands of all sizes.Tapered Base – Square edges and round rope just don’t mix. When designing the head on our capstan, we realized that a base with a square profile has multiple disadvantages. First, the rope does not naturally feed onto the head, and must be manually raised onto the barrel. Often times this is done with the deckhands boot, putting them in a dangerous situation. Second, with the tapered design the rope cannot build tension around the large diameter of the base and then snap onto the drum. This eliminates dangerous shock loading of the product and your rigging, making your operation safer, and extending the life of your equipment.Triple-Sealed Slewing Bearing Design – Using a slewing bearing instead of a traditional shaft and bushing combination allowed us to achieve a more rigid construction, and thus a smoother and more consistent operation. Adding triple seals to that bearing was going the extra mile, and we felt it was well worth it. With multiple positive pressure seals, our bearing design helps keep the water under your boat, and not in it.21st Century Pegs – Capstan pegs, or hand spikes, have been made of wood for centuries, but times have changed. It’s no longer necessary to rely on materials that can deteriorate and fail over time. With that in mind, Patterson chose to manufacture all pegs from 304 stainless steel. With a threaded shank and flats for installing or removing easily with a wrench, you no longer have to haphazardly pound pegs in with a hammer, and hope that they stay put. This allows you to dog your rope off with confidence, and is just one more way we are making the work place safer.Designed for Longevity – Using only the best materials, and a gear box with the highest rating available in the industry, you ban be sure that the Patterson Thru-Deck Capstan will keep you up and running for years to come with little to no maintenance, minimizing your downtime, and saving you money.

Self-Aligning Roller Chock

Self-Aligning Roller Chock  The Patterson patent-pending Self-Aligning Roller Chocks (S.A.R.C.) are the next evolution in boat to boat coupling. Effectively utilized for both face wires and wing wires, the Patterson line of S.A.R.C.'s include: high-strength Nylatron sheaves that protect your high cost synthetic ropes, rounded edges to minimize wear points, and corrosion resistant construction utilizing stainless steel and protective coatings for extended life. This S.A.R.C. is the first truly self aligning design, as the entire unit always orients itself to the center of the line pull, both vertically and horizontally, regardless of the angle. The Spring-Loaded Vertical Assist uses a super high strength torsion spring mechanism, so we effectively eliminate the majority of the weight of the sheave housing, allowing your chock to begin aligning with little or no line tension, even when using ultra light synthetic rope. 

Roller Button

Roller Button Patterson Roller Buttons are different from any other product out there. Their unique design features a substantial base that simply won't yield under pressure, and they're made of a high-strength plastic that's nearly indestructible. Tested extensively at high-cycle rates that mimic real life, they've been proven to 50 tons. Broken Roller Buttons lead to downtime, hot work, decreased productivity— and lower profits. There's no reason to risk using anything other than ours.

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