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On Site Alignment

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On Site Alignment

With over 25 years of extensive field experience worldwide, On Site Alignment is the expert when it comes to any alignment problem. The correct alignment of all elements of a propulsion system is vital. Preventing a breakdown of machinery is always the better option.

There are many ways to measure. For us, however, there is only one way: the right way, where we use different high-quality techniques for different applications. On Site Alignment knows and uses all known techniques.

• Feeler gauges, rulers and dial indicators are used when shaft rotation is difficult or non-existent.
• Laser equipment is used for rotating equipment, line bore and geometric measurements.
• We use electronic measurement of bearing reaction forces for accessible stern tube bearings, shaft support bearings, gearbox bearings and main engine bearings.
• Wireless torque measurement is used for measuring shaft power.
• (Wireless) strain gauge bending stress measurement is used to calculate bearing load and offset, the jack load and gap and sag values in propeller shafts and high speed shafts.
We determine the best option in close partnership with our customers.

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On site Alignment

Alignment is in our nature. We are innovative thinkers, have in-depth knowledge and over 25 years of field experience. Our working area is the maritime industry. Our company offers all the assistance you may need when faced with questions around alignment, engineering, mounting or troubleshooting of critical machinery.We do not just know how to align machines, we also know why we align them the way we do. We are fully familiar with the alternatives and the consequences. Our engineers are carefully selected. They do not just do the trick. They know what they are talking about and are supported by the best experts in this field. 

On Site Machining

When faced with alignment problems, machining is often the best solution. We know how difficult it is to transport large equipment and we are fully aware of the fact that transport will cost you precious time and money. That is why we offer on site machining services in order to offer the best solution.When objects and rotating equipment such as thruster pods must be mounted on the top plate or foundation, they must first be machined: circularly, flatly or perpendicularly. 

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