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Oil Center Research LLC

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616 W. Pont Des Mouton Rd.
Lafayette , LA 70507
United States
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Oil Center Research LLC

Recognized worldwide as a leader in the manufacturing industry, Oil Center Research LLC has gained a reputation for the high quality and dependability of its products. Since 1958 the company has grown steadily from a small manufacturing firm offering a line of industrial products to a manufacturer of over 1,000 products for all phases of industry.
Oil Center Research has a full line of marine products.

Products & Services


1091 Mean & Green Heavy-duty Cleaner

1091 Mean & Green is a superior, water-based, heavy-duty liquid cleaner. Designed for a multitude of tough industrial cleaning jobs, this biodegradable, USDA-approved cleaner attacks greasy, grimy surfaces allowing the dirt to be easily washed away without streaks and discolorations. 1091 Mean & Green is formulated to remove buildup of grease, oils, muds, waxy paraffin residues, and other hydrocarbon base deposits without damaging the environment or ozone. It is recommended for the cleaning of grease injector equipment including grease control heads, cable lubricators, and injection pumps. Applications for 1091 Mean & Green are found in many areas including general industry, machine shops, marine industry, automotive shops, aviation industry, petroleum industry, printing industry, and municipalities. A safe, economical, all-purpose cleaner, 1091 Mean & Green contains no toxic solvents, free alkalies, acids, or abrasives. Unlike many similar products, it does not contain butyl cello solve.

Liquid-O-Ring® 402 Synthetic Polymer Multipurpose Water-resistant Lubricant

402 Synthetic Polymer is a PAO based multipurpose, water-resistant lubricant, used where washout resistance is critical to the operation. Because of its excellent stability and EP characteristics, 402 Synthetic Polymer will remain on a bearing surface longer, extend lubrication intervals, and prolong bearing life. 402 Synthetic Polymer contains LIQUILON®*, which provides residual lubrication long after conventional lubricants have washed out and adds stability and resistance to chemical change. 402 Synthetic Polymer is recommended for application to a variety of wireline, and drilling tools and equipment, vehicle lubrication and sealing, and to gate valves and pipeline ball valves. 402 Synthetic Polymer is also recommended for lubrication to those areas of downhole tools where washout by drilling fluids, muds, and other downtime contaminants is common. 402 Synthetic Polymer is an ideal lubricant when applied to wheel bearings, water pumps, universal joints, and steering arms. It fulfills complete lubricating grease requirements and is available in NLGI grades 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, and 3. The service temperature of 402 Synthetic Polymer is -50°F up to 400°F (-45°C up to 204°C).

737 Jack-up Grease

JACK-UP GREASE737 Jack-Up Grease is a black, light-load grease with excellent water-resistant properties. It offers excellent adhesive and cohesive properties. 737 Jack-Up Grease has a  slightly tacky texture and remains smooth and buttery. Manufactured with graphite, 737 Jack-Up Grease forms a protective lubricant coating on metal surfaces under heavy loads which prevents metal-to-metal contact.  This lubricant has excellent load carrying capability and is very resistant to water washout. A  NLGI grade 2 grease, 737 Jack-Up Grease services temperatures from -8°F (-22°C) up to 275°F (135°C) and is non-corrosive to copper and steel.

690 Aqua Cure

690 Aqua Cure is a water-soluble, corrosion inhibitor designed for metal surfaces that have been exposed to salt water and other brines. 690 Aqua Cure provides fast, temporary protection to pipe used in drilling and workover operations.  The clear film of 690 Aqua Cure has fast-acting properties, which severely retard the affects of salt water and other salts such as chlorides and bromides on tubulars. It has been well documented that common brines have an extremely corrosive effect in well operations.  It is clear that sodium chloride (NaCl), calcium chloride (CaCl2), sodium bromide (NaBr), calcium bromide (CaBr2), potassium chloride (KCl), potassium bromide (KBr), and zinc bromide (ZnBr2) are very corrosive. When these salts are combined, it greatly accelerates the effects of corrosion (flash rusting) on the pipe.  In addition, well temperatures above 200°F (93°C) and well pressure greatly increase the degree and rate of corrosion. 690 Aqua Cure inhibits the corrosive effects of various salts in aqueous solutions when exposed to ferrous metal surfaces. 690 Aqua Cure is specifically  formulated to stop or retard the effect of these highly corrosive brines on pipe. It is designed to be used immediately after the pipe is placed on the rack after coming out of the hole. 690 Aqua Cure does not contain chlorides. The 690 Aqua Cure protective film is recommended for reducing internal and external corrosion on  the pipe.

#2 Marine Grease

No. 2 Marine Grease is a NLGI grade 2 grease manufactured specifically to meet the demanding needs of the marine industry. This multipurpose, heavy-duty grease reduces lubricant consumption by as much as 50%, allowing for longer lubrication intervals. It has an operating temperature range of 10°F to 500°F (-12°C to 260°C), is non-melting under high temperatures, and is water-resistant even against salt water. It also provides excellent protection against salt fog in coastal areas. No. 2 Marine Grease has exceptional mechanical stability, very high load carrying properties, as well as excellent thermal stability. No. 2 Marine Grease forms a lubricating surface film that protects equipment from friction, heat, and failure. It also protects against corrosion and other adverse conditions common to the marine equipment it lubricates.


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