December 4 - 6, 2019

Norsafe AS

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Norsafe AS

Norsafe, a Viking company, is the leading worldwide supplier of Lifesaving Appliances.

Keeping people safe is at the heart of everything we do. Since we began in 1903, our mission has been to design and manufacture high quality life-saving appliances using the latest techniques and materials to protect seafarers and offshore workers worldwide.

We supply a comprehensive range of products and services developed through consultation with customers, equipment end-users and the maritime industry’s regulatory authorities.

All our products are manufactured in accordance with the latest SOLAS requirements and are approved by the leading National and Certifying Authorities for both ships and offshore use, backed up with a 24/7 service network providing maintenance from over 300 ports worldwide.

Our two academies in Norway and Greece have a comprehensive list of training programmes available for seafarers and offshore workers. Our courses are STCW and Norwegian Oil and Gas (NOROG) compliant and training takes place using the latest LSA.

With the combination of Norsafe and Viking, we now offer a complete safety package for marine and offshore installations, and the largest service network in the industry.

Products & Services


Daughter Craft

Norsafe offers a wide range of Daughter Craft designed to operate away from the mother ship on offshore installation for extended periods of time.  Our Daughter Craft have excellent reliability, maneuverability and sea keeping abilities, ideal for all types of marine Search and Rescue missions.   


Norsafe offers a wide range of davits for freefall and conventional lifeboats and rescue boats.  Our range includes models suited for installation on ships and fixed offshore installations.  Our wide range of configurations allow naval architects and engineers great flexibility in vessel design.  

Freefall Lifeboats

Norsafe GES (Gravity Escape System) Freefall lifeboats offer the fastest and safest means of evacuation from a ship or offshore installation.  Norsafe freefall lifeboats are designed and constructed for safe, reliable, low maintenance standby and operation.  Norsafe's new E-GES is a fully battery powered Freefall lifeboat system.  The E-GES offers tremendous savings in maintenance, while improving safety with onboard continuous monitoring of vital systems.    


Norsafe's offers the widest range of Conventional Lifeboats in the industry.  Made of fire-retardant glass-fibre reinforce polyester (GRP), our totally enclosed propelled lifeboat craft (TELB) can be used on ships and offshore installations. Launched by a cantilevered platform davit or single pivot davit, these conventional lifeboats have a positive stability up to 180 degrees.  The proven TOR Mk II release system is safe and intuitive in its operation.

Patrol Boats

Norsafe's line of Military and Professional boats are used by police forces, Coast Guard, Drug Enforcement Agencies and Navy's world-wide.  The boats are designed for high maneuverability, and speed, and can be outfitted for many types of missions.  Various propulsion systems, from water-jet to surface drive, allows the boats to be customized to client needs.  

Rescue Boat

Norsafe has the widest range of Rescue Boats in the industry.  Combining superb seaworthynes, maneuverability and speed, our boats are ideal for all types of Search and Rescue, patrols, inspections and other general applications.  


Norsafe's versatile work boats are designed for multiple tasks, including seismic activities, oil spill recovery, fish farming, dive support, inspections, surveys and towing duties.  Our versatile work boats offer excellent reliability, maneuverability and sea keeping abilities in heavy seas in order to perform as an effective work platform.  The boats are designed to work away from the mothership for extended periods.   

Liferafts, Personal Protection, Fire and Evacuation

Viking is a leading manufacturer and supplier of safety and survival equipment to the marine and offshore industry.  Viking supplies a full range of Liferafts, Personal Protection gear, Fire Protection and Evacuation systems.  Our global presence, with 80 branch offices and 288 certified service centers provides unmatched convenience and service.  

Boat Building / Repair

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Safety / Survival

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