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NEWMAR has been a leading manufacturer of electronic power products for over 45 years. Newmar is committed to meeting requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of our Quality Management System.

Product Categories:
Battery Chargers
AC to DC Power Supplies
Power Supplies with Built-in Battery Back-up
Complete Communication Power Rack Systems
DC-DC Converters
Electrical Panels and Panel Accessories
DC Power Conditioners and Filters
Communication Accessories
Electronic Installation Accessories

Conservative CAD-CAM and concurrent engineering of applied proven electronic circuitry and mechanical construction

In-house facilities for all major manufacturing functions-allows maximum quality control and rapid response to demand.

Complete metal fabricating machine shop with CNC punch presses, press breaks and machining center
PCB design, layout and artwork department
Graphics/Screen printing department
PCB assembly line with wave solder machine and automated lead cutting and wire production
Multiple electro-mechanical assembly lines with 100% function testing

Stock of all standard product maintained in a 30,000 square foot warehouse; most orders shipped same day

Products & Services


*NEW* Very Smart Battery Charger Series - PT Modular and Programmable 24 Volt

The PTMP series represents a new level of functionality, reliability, and serviceability in very smart battery charging for 24V systems aboard commercial vessels. Pre-programmed battery charge profiles, as well as custom settings allow user to select their optimal 3 step charging voltages and operating parameters. An LCD screen on front panel provides diagnostics, system status and alarm conditions. In addition remote alarm contacts notify operators of potential system issues. If service is required the charger can remain on the vessel. The front panel hinges upward allowing access to the power module and controller circuits which are easily removed, and a replacement quickly plugged in place, specialized techs not required. Reliability is further enhanced on the 100 and 150 amp systems via use of multiple power modules, should one fail the system will signal a fault but continue to operate at reduced power output.

Custom Electrical Panels

To begin the design process of custom electrical panels is like an artist staring at a blank white canvas - it’s not easy to translate the thought on to paper regarding the size, meters, number of breakers, etc. Starting with a template simplifies the process whereby you can choose from a variety of different starting points, and note and sketch in your desired customizations. An extensive library of custom panel templates is now available on our website, you can quickly review dozens of designs of AC, DC and AC/DC combination panels, choose one that is close to what you need, print it, and get to work on sketching in the changes needed.It’s that easy - send us your sketch and we’ll do the rest!Kap is an expert in custom panel design and component selection. Give him a call if you need any assistance at 800-854-3906 or email

DC-DC Converters

The standard units convert 20-50 VDC to 12 or 24 VDC output for powering communication/ navigation equipment, on negative ground systems.

Heavy Duty Power Supplies

The Heavy Duty Power Supplies are designed for powering 12 and 24 VDC communication/navigation equipment onboard commercial vessels where reliability is the primary consideration.

Phase Three Battery Chargers

ABS approved Phase Three "Smart" battery charging is available in a wide range of power levels in 12 and 24 volt models.

Phase Three Modular Battery Chargers

The ABS approved PTMS battery chargers series is a charging system consisting of a wall mount case, that serves as a connection point for AC input and battery bank output that accommodates up to three charging modules which slide and lock into front access power bays.

DC UPS Systems

DC UPS SystemsMarine communication/navigation electronics such as programmable data transceivers, GPS and other microprocessor-controlled devices require clean and steady DC input power. Their sensitive circuitry is highly vulnerable to voltage drop from engine start, noise and line spikes from alternators and motors, and conducted noise from various other electronic devices. Newmar has several solutions for DC UPS applications such as the Nav-Pac and StartGuard.

DC Power Conditioners

DC Power Conditioners Feed sensitive electronics with proper voltage regardless of battery condition. These stabilizing converters provide continuous, precisely regulated output over the entire range of a battery’s usable voltage. This prevents subjecting loads to fluctuating input voltage which can cause shutdown, diminish performance and possibly damage sensitive circuitry. These converters provide total input/output isolation, virtually eliminating conducted line noise and permitting connection of negative ground gear to positive or floating ground systems, or vice versa. They can be modified for use as battery chargers, allowing them to maintain a battery at a great distance from the primary voltage source, providing reserve power if the main source fails. Digital Meters - Generator and Engine

Digital Meters - Generator and Engine

Generator Power MonitorThis versatile and compact (4" x 4") color LED display instrument provides simultaneous read out of generator and shore power data: AC Voltage, Frequency, Amperage of two 120V legs of 240V circuit. Programmable alarm settings on each function produces 85 db audio alert as well as visual red blinking display. In addition, the Generator Monitor logs cumulative generator operation hours with programmable service interval hour settings and notification.Engine Function MonitorThe Engine Monitor is a compact 4" x 4" color LED display that provides simultaneous read out of vital engine data including: DC Voltage, Oil Pressure, Temperature, and Tachometer from J1939 can bus. Programmable alarm settings on each function produces 85 db audio alert as well as visual red blinking display.Inverters - PS Series

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