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National Oilwell Varco

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10353 Richmond Ave
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National Oilwell Varco

NOV is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of equipment and components used in the oil & gas industry.

NOV is the single source for lifting and handling solutions. We offer a comprehensive line of highly engineered equipment, systems, and services for offshore construction vessels, fixed and floating production installations and offshore support segments. We deliver an extensive line of cranes, winches, mooring systems, pipelay and cable lay systems, jacking and skidding equipment, and motion compensation systems for offshore applications.

Our MISSION products provides complete fluid management solutions for oilfield and industrial applications. Our Mission centrifugal pump line has proven to be the best centrifugal design for handling abrasive mud. These pumps are designed for a wide range of flow rates, from a few gallons to thousands of gallons per minute.

We are dedicated to offering invovative solutions to service our customers.

Products & Services


AHC Knuckle Boom Crane

The “Hydralift” Knuckle Boom cranes are pedestal mounted, slew bearing cranes, each with a ram cylinder luffing boom of box construction with lifting capacities up to 350 metric tonnes and 50m working radius  . The AHC system offers a compensation grade of approximately 97%. If the boom tip has a vertical motion of 3 meters, the load will move only 0.09 meters relative to the sea bottom.

OC series Lattice Boom Crane

The “OC” and “EOC” (all-electric) cranes are rope luffing, lattice boom, and slew bearing cranes with lifting capacities up to 300 metric tonnes. This crane series is designed to either API or EN standards with certifications by any of the leading authorities such as Lloyds, DNV, ABS, GL, etc. The main mechanical components such as the slew bearing, hoists, etc. are designed for the entire service life of the crane negating any mid-life cycle overhauls or “exchanges” of critical components.


The “Hydralift” A-Frames are designed with lifting capacities up to 400 metric tonnes. The ram cylinder luffing design eliminates stalling of the A-Frame. This A-Frame series is designed to meet rules and regulations of all major statutory bodies.

Anchor Handling /Towing Winches with LOADLIM Drives

NOV’s line of Amclyde Winches encompass rugged and durable machinery on capacities ranging from 150-500 metric ton. Our LOADLIM winch drive system protects the entire unit by preventing inadvertent overload due to surges in the rope load, and provides superior dynamic braking operations. NOV can produce winches in any size and capacity to meet the customer’s needs.

FRES Fiber Rope Extension System

NOV has developed a system for safe handling of loads down to the depth you need, by a combination of well proven material and technology. Combining the strengths of two rope technologies, we extend the operational range of subsea work as known today. NOV’s FRES system is adaptable to various appliances and sizes, easy to transport, and has no limit for the operational depth. The flexibility is so great that a single system can cover an owner’s entire fleet of NOV cranes or winches. 

Centrifugal Pumps

The NOV MISSION Centrifugal Pump line offers a wide selection of innovative features for handling a variety of routine or demanding abrasive and corrosive applications. Additionally, our MISSION pumps are designed for a wide range of flow rates, from a few gallons per minute to thousands of gallons per minute, offering you added flexibility in your application options.

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