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Naiad Dynamics

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Naiad Dynamics

NAIAD DYNAMICS is the recognized world leader in the design, manufacture & through-life support of actively controlled Stabilizers & Total Ride Control® Systems for commercial ships, naval ships & luxury yachts. Applications throughout range of monohull & multihull vessels from 10m-200m. Unmatched experience with over 12,000 ships, including over 50 navies and most of the world’s fast ferries. Highest quality AtRest® and AtSpeed® Fin Stabilizers, Active Interceptors, Trim Tabs, T-foils, Lifting Foils, Air Cushion Control, Bow & Stern Thrusters, Integrated Hydraulic Systems, PowerPacks, VosPower™ Waterjets, Halmatic Spares, Matesaver™ & related products. Ship Motion Simulation services. Global Service Network plus regional ND offices in Connecticut, Florida, Maryland USA, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, France and Australia. The Science of Ship Motion Control®

Products & Services


Naiad Dynamics – Right Angle Bow & Stern Thrusters

ü  Robust, heavy duty, match-ground spiral bevel gears for quiet operation and maximum thrust. ü  CNC manufactured, assembled and tested in-house.  ü  Available with powerful four-blade Kaplan style propellers, or highly skewed seven-blade propellers for efficient yet quiet operation. ü  Thruster housings in Stainless Steel for fiberglass hulls, Steel for steel hulls and Aluminum for aluminum hulls for the best in marine corrosion resistance.   ü  Precision machined saddle provides a solid, leak-proof interface for the thruster housing, and a robust, precise mounting surface for the electric or hydraulic drive motor. ü  Assembly is lubricated via a vented header tank located above the waterline to maintain positive pressure in the thruster.  In addition, durable dual seawater shaft seals ensure water-tight integrity and longevity.   Reliable Digital Controls Single-stage or fully variable (proportional) controls. Proportional configuration permits the output of the thruster to be throttled by the operator and features a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) specifically programmed for the application.   Controls are housed in a single, durable enclosure for ease of installation. Easily fitted with numerous joystick controls. Most Naiad thrusters are powered by a Naiad Integrated Hydraulic System (IHS).  The PLC is easily configured to control many ancillary hydraulic shipboard systems.

Naiad Dynamics – Vospower Water Jet

ü  Highest quality materials and workmanship.  Cast aluminum body anodized for hardness.  Cast aluminum-bronze impeller.  Stainless steel shaft, wear ring and hardware. ü  Suitable for planing, displacement and semi-displacement hulls. ü  Single stage, mixed flow pump design for the most efficient performance. ü  Full range of impellers available to meet the horsepower requirements of the vessel. Impeller clearance is adjustable. ü   Rubber lip seals. ü  Comprehensive cathodic protection system is included. ü  Easily maintained via the access cover on the top of the unit. ü  Couplings available to match intermediate shaft. ü  Bronze grill/stone guard. ü  Tapered front roller bearings to absorb thrust and radial forces. ü  Control forces on steering and reverse are nominally zero.  Simple mechanical controls (customer supplied) are normally used.

Naiad Dynamics - Total Ride Control® Systems

Naiad Dynamics pioneered the science of Total Ride Control® Systems - simultaneous stabilization of multiple vessel motions while maintaining optimal running trim. Our engineers perfected the development and application of active fins, trim tabs, T-foils, interceptors, lifting foils and air cushion systems and will select a system utilizing any combination of these control surfaces to suit your vessel objectives.Some of the benefits of ND Ride Control Systems include:Reduce motion sickness, crew fatigue, maintain work effectivenessReduce cargo and equipment damageReduce machinery stresses and wearMaximize ferry ridership and onboard revenueReduce course corrections and rudder drag due to yawContinuously optimize trim and heelMinimize falls and accidentsEnhance fuel economy / increase speedOptimize comfort of passengersMaintain speed and course in weather, expand operational envelope<Reduce wetted surface and required power

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