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NAG Marine

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2511 Walmer Ave
Norfolk , VA 23513
United States
Booth #2554

NAG Marine

NAG Marine sells and services advanced products for shipboard fluid operations, including tank level indicators (radar, guided wave, pressure), oily water separators, oil content monitors, sewage treatment plants, valve actuators and marine flat panel computers & displays. Our staff of marine engineers and technicians have practical, deck-plate experience on the most cost-effective product solutions for various liquid level and bilge oily water separator applications for ships.

Products & Services


TD-107 5.0 Clean Design 5ppm Bilge Alarm

The TD-107 5.0 is the world's first and only DNV Clean Design Certified 5ppm Bilge Alarm. The TD-107 5.0 is an extension of the highly successful TD-107 Oil Content Montitor for oily water separators, except with an added level of testing and certification for 5ppm applications by Det Norske Veritas' Clean Design program. Based on fluorescence detection technology, the TD-107 5.0 Clean Design 5ppm Bilge Alarm is resistant to interferences by turbidity or particles/sediments in the bilge which impact competing "light scatter" oil content monitors.

Radar Tank Level Indicators

Radar technology is used for continuous, non-contact level measurement of liquids or solids. Operating on microwave pulse technology, Ohmart/VEGA systems offer a choice between C-Band and K-Band frequencies. Available with cone, rod, and sanitary antenna systems, along with process fittings from simple thread and flange connections to special solutions. Radar tank level indicators have no moving parts and never come into contact with the liquid or solid in the tank.

Rugged Embedded Computers

NAG Marine's Rugged Science brand specializes in the ruggedized, thermal packaging of rugged embedded computers and rugged displays. Low power without sacrificing computing power is the design philosophy of all Rugged Science computers. Careful deliberation on low-power consumption processors and microcontrollers, as well as ingenious architecture of heat sink packaging and material selection, allows for efficient dissipation of electronics-killing heat. Rugged Science LCD displays are designed with LEDs and smaller power supplies, further reducing power consumption, heat generation, and space requirements.

Electric Valve Actuators from Eltorque

NAG Marine proudly offers multi-turn and quarter-turn electric valve actuators from Eltorque. These actuators have been designed specifically for shipbuilding and offshore industries. Eltorque electric valvae actuators offer superior torque at low speeds, and are easily programmed for torque, speed, and position. Eltorque actuators are sealed and permanently lubricated, and are nearly maintenance free.

Oily Water Separators from RWO-Veolia

NAG Marine sellls and services the full line of RWO marine water treatment equipment. RWO-Veolia is the worldwide leader in shipboard water treatment systems. NAG offers RWO oily water separators and modular clean ballast water treatment systems.

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