December 4 - 6, 2019

MSHS Metalock Engineering USA

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3190 SW 4th Ave
Fort Lauderdale , FL 33315
United States
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MSHS Metalock Engineering USA

Metalock Engineering USA is an established mechanical equipment repair company with proven expertise in quality repairs, maintenance, bespoke modifications and equipment upgrades. MME engineers and technicians have the experience and specialist knowledge needed to provide 24/7 support worldwide.

On Site Flange Facing, Drilling and Line Boring of engine main journal bores and wear and tear to rudder bores. MME is a joint venture by industry leaders, Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. & Metalock Engineering DE, Germany. MME specializes in repairing 2- and/or 4-stroke diesel engine crankshaft journals damaged by bearing or mechanical failures. Our On Site/In-Situ machining services minimize costs & reduce downtime caused by the complete disassembly, removal, & transport of damaged engine parts.
We respond to emergencies situations worldwide, 24/7. MME engineers perform full damage assessments with NDT, provide a clear plan of repair & estimated repair time schedule to ensure that customers can plan when normal operation of equipment will resume. For more information, visit

Products & Services


2- and 4-stroke Diesel On Site Crank shaft repair‎s

Class approved On Site machining for 2- and 4-stroke diesel engine crankshaft journals and other machinery like propeller shaft, generator shaft and intermediate shaft journals. MME can completely refurbish a severely damaged crankshaft journal with outside diameters from 170mm up to 1020mm normally within a relatively short period of time. This automatically means a tremendous saving in costs regarding the operational down time of their engine since dismantling and heavy transport of the damaged equipment is not necessary.

On Site Line Boring & Laser Alignment Services

Using our self-made, customized transportable line boring tools and using the necessary state-of-the-art Laser alignment devices. MME can restore all different kind of damaged bores which need to be in line on 0.01mm in 2- and 4-stroke diesel engines, gas / water turbine housings, stern tube, rudder stock, AZI pod and crane jibs.

Flange Facing Service – On Site

Plane surfaces, for example large crane foundations up to 24 meters in diameter, are mechanically machined on site with our Laser guided mobile turning devices. All tolerances given by Crane and other equipment manufacturers are fully restored during this onsite machining process.

Milling Service – On Site

Equipment such as industrial presses, turbine housing, and machine foundations can be processed on-site. Propellers, generator shafts, processing journals, crankpins, etc., are turned and ground on location with mobile turning devices in order to restore tolerances. Presses, roll housing, turbine housing, machine foundations etc. that are no longer in accordance with the technical requirements are mechanically processed on-site through mobile milling units. The tolerances demanded are thus restored. Shaft and journal processing journals, crankpins, shafts etc. are turned and ground on location with mobile turning devices in order to restore the required tolerances.

Drilling Service – On Site

MME provides drilling services for the removal of broken cylinder head studs or studs. Refurbishing of damaged thread holes Metric and/ or English threads with custom inserts and/ or plugs which will ensure that proper tightening of the cylinder heads is according to OEM specifications. • Any make & type of diesel engine• 24/7 & emergency repairs• Marine & Stationary power

Inserts – On Site

Refurbishing of Liner landing surface on the top of the engine entablature and or lower engine block liner sealing surface. If damages are beyond simple machining a customized ring will be mounted shrink fit with nitrogen to establish a new proper sealing surface again.

Specialized Welding

All welding procedures currently established for machine repairs can be carried out in our workshop or on location.Cracks in machine parts made of steel and steel casting are generally repaired by caulking, grinding or milling. We then weld them with the preheating method. The most frequently used welding process for such work is the manual arc welding method. This is distinguished by low heat application, which in turn leads to less tension than would result in other methods.Every type of steel requires a certain basic temperature during wel- ding. Additional heat treatments are therefore often necessary during or after the welding to further reduce the tension. We conduct these heat treatments in a wide variety of forms and sizes. To this end, we use either stationary furnaces or our mobile annealing equipment.

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