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Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc.

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1509 Sams Avenue
Harahan , LA 70123
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Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc.

Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. specializes in the overhaul, repair, maintenance & testing of diesel engines, turbochargers & filtration products. MSHS offers on site machining, marine engines, waterjets & maintains an extensive OEM spare parts inventory. Safety certified service engineers – 24/7.

MSHS is ISO 9001:2015 certified from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance and is an authorized distributor/service center for DEUTZ, Daihatsu, FPT, Baudouin, Nanni, Alamarin-Jet, Napier, KBB, METurbo, MWH, BollFilter, STENFLEX°, GEA Westfalia & Premet. MSHS also represents HAMANN AG and is a Cooperative Repair Shop for Mitsui two-stroke engines and turbochargers and a recognized service center for Hyundai HiMSEN and Japan Engine Corporation.

MSHS has offices in Florida, Louisiana and the State of Washington designed to offer complete turnkey services for diesel engines, turbochargers and auxiliary products and is staffed with experienced factory-trained technicians and engineers. For more information, visit

Products & Services


Hamann AG

Hamann Product Benefits:• No use of any chemicals or consumables• No sensitive parts• No use of filters and membranes• Easy operation and low maintenance costs• Fully automated systems

Hyundai HiMSEN Marine Engines

MSHS provides factory-trained service for Hyundai HiMSEN in the Americas and the Caribbean

BollFilter Protection Systems

BollFilters clean the following fluids:• Chemicals/Cooling/Lubricants/Fuels/Oil/WaterBollFilter Protection System Advantages:• Easy & quick cleaning & maintenance• Defined filtration degree by means of precision filter meshes• Large filter services• Long life span• Robust & compact design• Simple handlingFeatures of Boll Automatic Filters:• Low operating cost• Precise back flush function• Reliable removal of retained solids• Small flushing volumes


PREMET® electronic indicators are designed and manufactured for diesel and gas applications in the marine market and mobile / stationary power stations. These systems are designed for use with heavy fuel oil.• High resolution color display• All curves and diagrams displayed immediately• Large memory for thousands of measurements• Self-explanatory user interfaceReal-time measurements are possible without stopping the engine to install sensors

NAPIER Turbochargers

 Napier Turbochargers offer:• High overall efficiency resulting in lower engine fuel consumption• Reduced exhaust temperatures• Broad operating range resulting in greater engine performance and flexibility• High compressor pressure ratios allow matching with the latest developments in engine technology• Compact, robust and cost effective construction

Moteurs Baudouin

Baudouin offers marine diesel propulsion engines up to 1650 HP. The modern electronic common rail engines meet U.S. EPA Tier 3 regulations for the US commercial and pleasure markets. The new Baudouin M26.3 product line includes:• 16 liter inline 6 engine from 600mhp to 815mhp at 1800 to 2100rpm (all commercial ratings)• 31.8 liter V12 engine from 1,200 to 1,650mhp at 1800 to 2300rpm (all commercial ratings)


Alamarin-Jet offers the most efficient water jets in the range from 160mm to 340mm with a power input up to 750mhp. With a light weight and compact jet design, Alamarin-Jet’s offer boat builders the cutting edge where size matters. Alamarin-Jet is known for excellent cavitation margins, incredible acceleration and durability.

Boning Automation

Control and Monitoring Solutions for the Maritime IndustriesBöning Quality Features:• • Automation solutions for commercial and pleasure craft applications • • State-of-the-art engine start-stop-technology• • Extensive EMV and Environmental lab• • Highly advanced alarm, monitoring and display systems• • Products and systems are long-term tested via simulation• • Approved by leading classification societies (i.e. ABS, BV, GL, Lloyds)

STENFLEX Rubber Expansion Joints

STENFLEX® rubber expansion joints impress with their compensating and damping material properties. Excessive force, arising within the pipeline, is deflected by STENFLEX® rubber expansion joints before this can be passed on to adjacent components. STENFLEX® rubber expansion joints provide: Damp oscillation, noise and vibration, Compensate motion, Compensate expansion caused by differences in temperature, Reduce tension, Compensate ground and foundation settling, Compensate imprecise assembly, Serve as assembly and disassembly aids, Provide an elastic wall seal for penetration assemblies, Compensate pipeline movements aboard ships.What STENFLEX® rubber expansion joints do:• Damp oscillation, noise and vibration • Compensate motion• Compensate expansion caused by differences in temperature• Reduce tension• Compensate ground and foundation settling• Compensate imprecise assembly

Deck Machinery / Hardware / Equipment

  • Deck Machinery & Hardware

Fuel / Lubricants

  • Oily Water Separators
  • Filtration & Separation

Pollution Control / Environmental Services

  • Sanitation / Waste Water Systems

Propulsion / Power

  • Water Jet Propulsion
  • Turbochargers
  • Engine Rebuild & Repair
  • Engines
  • Engine Monitoring Systems


  • Machining
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