December 4 - 6, 2019

Mobile Power

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2623 National Circle
Garland , TX 75041
United States
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Mobile Power

Mobile Power is the sole manufacturer and integrator of the MEPS’ Power Systems. Our systems are engine-driven from the crank, and will generate 3,000-15,000 watts of pure sine-wave AC power in both on-the move or stationary situations. We maintain frequency through our crystal controlled circuitry independent of an engine’s RPM.
Drawing power from the vehicle’s engine, as opposed to running a second genset engine is why our systems are the environmentally friendly solution. In addition, gensets are noisy, bulky and extremely heavy, so our compact light-weight generators, whether under-hood or PTO mounted, are a breakthrough in mobile AC power and designed to meet our customer demands.
The MEPS system is comprised of 2 main components:
Generator: 3-phase AC, high-output generator at half the weight of others on the market, and located under the hood next to the vehicle alternator.

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Belt Driven Generators

We manufacture Belt Driven Generators from 3kW to 8kW single generator systems and 10kW to 15kW with our dual generator systems. We have pure sine-wave power with rock solid frequency. We also manufacture PTO boxes to mount our systems with a PTO drive line. 

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