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MMC International Corporation

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60 Inip Drive
Inwood , NY 11096-0664
United States
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MMC International Corporation

MMC International Corporation manufactures vapor control valves, quick connect flange couplings, product sampling equipment, and its various product measurement instruments, which meet or exceed the standards for “intrinsically safe” equipment set by national governments and certifying agencies around the world.MMC’s primary products include Cam-Lock flanges, tank gauging station valves, deck covers, cargo UTI measurement devices for closed and restricted application,  gas samplers, product samplers and related items for the maritime petroleum and chemical transport industry as well as land-based petro-chemical facilities.MMC is widely acknowledged for its long history of technological innovation, dependability, and quality of its products.

Products & Services


Enhanced 'Closed' Guaging Systems

Enhanced 'Closed' Guaging SystemsINWOOD, N.Y. -- In a move to address the special needs of chemical and refined product carriers and barges, MMC International Corp. has announced the release of a new "closed" gauging system design.  Featuring an ullage range of 15-23 meters (top photo) or 25-37 metres (bottom photo), the system uses a new all-type 316 stainless sensor for chemical applications and a re-designed PES plastic sensor for petroleum-based product carriers.  Surface Mount Technology  Both sensors employ state-of-the-art SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and circuit enhancements that provide better long term reliability, more precise ullage level sensing, and improved oil-water layer detection.  The new compact model retains the same trouble-free, gas-tight, heavy duty mechanical design as its larger VLCC class brother. Both models now have built-in viewing window wipers.  "Intrinsically Safe"  All models are also approved as "Intrinsically Safe" (Exia IIB T3/T4) and as Class 1, Div. 1 gas groups' C&D equipment.  Equipment quality is assured by EECS (Baseefa) annual audits to confirm that quality requirements of ISO 9002 are maintained in addition to their supplementary requirements.  Periodic safety compliance audits are also conducted by F.M/SAA, CSA, NKK and BV.  MMC is the world's leading manufacturer of portable instruments for measuring ullage, oil-water interface, temperative, and bottom dryness in shipboard and land-based petroleum and chemical tank systems.

Oxygen Sensor Gauging Tape System for Petroleum Tankers and Inland Barges

Oxygen Sensor Gauging Tape System for Petroleum Tankers and Inland BargesACCURATE READING OF ULLAGE SPACE O2 LEVELS Includes Built-In Auto-Calibration FeatureThe system's sensing probe (above, left) travels down the barrel of the gauging tape unit (above, center) through a vapor-control valve and into the void of the tank below. There, it quickly measures and displays (above, right) the percentage of oxygen found in the environment above the liquid product.  The MMC Flexi-Dip Oxygen Sensor Gauging Tape is a battery-operated electronic system featuring the latest in solid-state circuitry and an easy-to-view LCD readout panel. A built-in auto-calibration feature allows the unit to automatically calibrate to 20.9%. It offers a fast, safe and convenient method for measuring oxygen content within the ullage space of a closed tank--the space between the top of the tank and the liquid cargo below. The precise measurement of void space oxygen levels is a crucial consideration for petroleum-carrying vessels which blanket their liquid cargos with inert gas to prevent combustion and explosion. In order to maintain the proper inert gas conditions aboard tanker ships, oxygen levels must be minimized and, according to U.S. Coast Guard regulations in the United States, monitored and documented.  The Flexi-Dip Oxygen Sensor Gauging Tape system measures the oxygen level without aspiration and its associated cumbersome sampling hose and weighted head piece. The operator can auto-calibrate the tape before it is inserted into the vapor-control valve and locked in place. Then the valve is opened and the tape sensor is lowered either one meter below deck level or to 50% of ullage space level. The digital LCD display in the hub of the device indicates the percentage of oxygen present. If the oxygen content exceeds 8% of the inert gas level in ullage space, audio and visual warning alarms in the unit are triggered.

Portable Electronic Gauging Tapes

Portable Electronic Gauging TapesMMC is the world's leading manufacturer of portable instruments for measuring ullage, oil-water interface, temperature, and bottom dryness in shipboard and land-based petroleum and chemical tank systems. All MMC systems are manufactured in the United States and are certified as intrinsically safe by Factory Mutual, BASEEFA, CSA and SAA.

Quick-Open C-L Flange Couplings

Quick-Open C-L Flange CouplingsFor Maritime and Industrial Liquid Transport Systems RATCHET-LOCK AND NON-RATCHET FLANGE COUPLINGS:     1. Standard Maritime and Industrial Applications.    2. Maritime Vapor-Control Safety Applications.    3. Special Offshore Floating Hose Service Applications.   Since it pioneered the concept in the 1960s, MMC has been the world's leading manufacturer of cam-locking, quick-opening flange couplings for use in the transport of industrial liquids such as petroleum and chemicals.  C-L Flange Couplings with internal O-ring seals and cam-lock features provide a quick, secure flange connection for hoses (above, left). They are available in ratchet and non-ratchet-lock configurations. Special versions are also available for maritime vapor recovery operations as well as offshore floating hose services.  C-L corrosion-resistant couplings provide the quickest, safest and most secure method available for connecting flanged hoses, manifolds, loading arms and valves. Both ratcheted and non-ratcheted versions use helical closing cams (from three to eight per coupling, depending on flange diameter) that are easily rotated into a cam locked position. The typical three-cam connection can be completed in less than a minute.

Vapor Control Sampling Valves and Equipment for "Closed" Tank Sampling

Vapor Control Sampling Valves and Equipment for "Closed" Tank SamplingFIXED-IN-PLACE AND PORTABLE SYSTEMS MMC's Flexi-Dip Tank Sampling System is available in two varieties: the Fixed-In-Place (FIP) version designed for use with MMC's unique S series vapor control valves with built-in sampling ports, and the Portable-In-Place (PIP) version designed for use with any standard MMC vapor control valve. Both Flexi-Dip systems are made entirely in the USA by MMC.

Vapor Control Valves

Vapor Control ValvesVapor Control Valves for Gauging and Sampling Petroleum and Chemicals  Suitable for positive tank isolation, MMC B-type vapor-control valves are positive shut-off units that support Trimode tank gauging functions (ullage, interface & temperature) as well as oxygen sensing. They are available in three models. The original B-type, Micro "B" and the MMC (Asia) F50 are all 2-inch (50mm) full-bore valves. The Mini Micro "B" is 1 1/2-inch (38mm). All valves are flanged for ease in installation and accurate positioning. Constructed of 316 stainless steel with a bronze cap, they have stainless steel ball valves with Teflon seals. In addition, 1/2 or 1/3 liter sampling is available in all 2 inch sizes with the use of MMC sampling tapes. All gauging tapes fit directly into any type of MMC vapor-control valve.  SPECIFICATIONS:  Material:      * 316 stainless steel with bronze cap. Teflon ball valve seals. Viton  used for all other seals. A stainless steel cap and a selection of other seal materials are optional. (Viton  is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers.)  Mounting Flange Dimensions:      * 2" "B" Valve (2318-2S-F316-BC) - 6" (152) O.D., BC 4 3/4" (121) - Bolt Holes (4) 3/4" (19).     * 2" Micro "B" (2318-2S-FMS-BC) - Bolt Holes (4) 3/4" (19).     * 1 1/2" Mini Micro "B" (2318-2S-F316BC) - 5" (127) O.D., BC 3 7/8" (98) - Bolt Holes (4) 5/8 (16).     * 2" F50 50mm MMC-A (JIS) - 155mm (6.1") O.D., BC 120mm (4.72") - Bolt Holes (4) 19 (0.75").  Weights:      * 2" "B" Valve (2318-2S-F316-BC) - 14 lb. (6.35 kg).     * 2" Micro "B" (2318-2S-FMS-BC) - 13 lb. (5.9 kg).     * 1 1/2" Mini Micro "B" (2318-2S-F316BC) - 9 lb. (4.1 kg).     * 2" F50 MMC-A (JIS) - 19.8 lbs. (9 kg).       Pressure Rating:     * 150 psi (10kg/cm sq), bubble tight at 2 psi (0.14kg).

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