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Miller-Leaman, Inc.

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800 Orange Avenue
Daytona Beach , FL 32114
United States
Booth #1448

Miller-Leaman, Inc.

Miller-Leaman, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality strainers. Whether you need a strainer for a high-performance military vessel, a workboat operation in a rugged environment, or a world-class yacht, we embrace the concept of custom design and manufacturing to meet the unique needs of our clients.
Using the power of 3D software, combined with a long history of manufacturing expertise, we collaborate with our clients to focus on the goal of designing high-quality strainers that minimize weight, maximize the efficient use of space in the engine room, and perform with a minimal pressure loss. We offer options for the material of construction, including alloys such as CuNi (70/30 and 90/10) as well as Type 316L stainless steel.

Products & Services


Simplex Basket Strainers

Simplex Basket StrainersWe take a traditional basket strainer to another level. Our basket strainers are designed and fabricated to match the exact specifications of our customers. Our screens are available in a variety of perforated/mesh sizes and are built to last.

Thompson SeaStrainer

Thompson SeaStrainerOften described as an inverted basket strainer, our Thompson SeaStrainer is a unique, yet brilliantly simple product. As seawater flows up through the strainer, heavier particles gravitate downward, away from the conical screen, into the reservoir at the base of the strainer where they are purged via the flush port.

Duplex Strainers

Duplex Strainers Commonly used for redundancy, our duplex strainers are designed to fit tight spaces and offer a significant weight savings compared to traditional cast duplex strainers. Our duplex strainers are manufactured using various alloys, including CuNi (70/30 and 90/10) and Type 316L stainless steel.

Self-Cleaning Strainer

Self-Cleaning Strainer Our Self-Cleaning Strainer is designed for vessels that are water-jet propelled. The innovative design utilizes a pressurized flow stream from the water-jet - continuously cleaning the strainer screen while underway.

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