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Miller Electric Mfg LLC

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1635 W Spencer Street
Appleton , WI 54912
United States
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Miller Electric Mfg LLC

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, with headquarters in Appleton, Wisconsin, is a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller® brand arc welding and cutting equipment and related systems for fabrication, manufacturing, general metalworking, construction, maintenance and other applications.

Products & Services


ArcReach® Technology-enabled Multiprocess Welding Systems

Welding power sources and accessories enabled with ArcReach technology provide operators with complete control of parameters at the weld joint without the use of control cables, minimizing downtime, costs and safety risks by reducing unnecessary trips to the power source to make adjustments.ArcReach-enabled power sources can be paired with a variety of ArcReach accessories, including wire feeders, Smart Feeders and the ArcReach Stick/TIG Remote. ArcReach Smart Feeders deliver RMD®, pulsed MIG, MIG and flux-cored welding up to 200 feet away from the power source with no control cable.

XMT® 350 FieldPro™ Welding Systems

XMT 350 FieldPro power sources deliver improved jobsite productivity and efficiency as well as exceptional arc performance for shipbuilding, structural steel and contsruction applications. XMT 350 FieldPro power sources are compatible with all ArcReach accessories, including various feeder and remote options.

XMT® 350 FieldPro™ System With Polarity Reversing

Industry-leading technology in the new XMT 350 FieldPro with Polarity Reversing eliminates the need to manually swap leads between welding processes — saving time and money and improving safety on the jobsite. With the push of a button on the interface, Quick-Select technology automatically selects the correct polarity, lead outputs and weld parameters. This prevents operators from inadvertently welding in the wrong polarity, reducing the risk of weld rework that results from incorrect cable connection. The system’s optimized stick and TIG arc performance is specifically designed for open root pipe welding — including process pipe and modular assembly applications — to help improve weld quality. The XMT 350 FieldPro system with Polarity Reversing also includes Miller ArcReach® welding technology, which gives welders complete control at the wire feeder or remote — even hundreds of feet from the power source. 

Deltaweld® 350 MIG Welder and Intellx™ Feeders

The Deltaweld 350 MIG welding power source and Intellx series wire feeders are designed for a wide range of general manufacturing applications. Providing ease of use for welders of all skill levels, the Deltaweld 350 and Intellx feeders offer a simplified system and bring pulsed MIG welding to more welding operations. The new power source is available in two models: one with new ArcConnect technology, which links the Deltaweld to the new Intellx feeders, and a second model with ArcConnect and a 14-pin connector, which allows the power source to be used with existing feeders. Two new feeder options — the Intellx and Intellx Pro feeders — offer flexibility for a range of applications.

Dynasty® 280 DX Multiprocess welder

This multiprocess welder is capable of AC/DC TIG, MIG and stick welding. Weighing just 55 pounds, this portable machine is suitable for the shop or jobsite for applications including shipbuilding, construction, precision fabrication, heavy fabrication, pipe and tube fabrication, and maintenance and repair. With the Dynasty 280 DX Multiprocess welder, operators can TIG weld 0.012 to 3/8-inch aluminum and 0.004 to 3/8-inch steel. The machine offers superior arc performance and the ability to TIG weld with AC waveforms, including advanced squarewave, soft squarewave, sine wave and triangular wave. Offering multiprocess versatility, the CV output of the machine delivers MIG welding capabilities when paired with a SuitCase® X-TREME™ voltage-sensing feeder. The feeder is powered off the arc voltage of the power source and can run both solid and flux-cored wires. 

Weld-Mask™ 2

A new addition to the innovative Weld-Mask series, the Weld-Mask 2 is a first-of-its-kind alternative to traditional welding helmets for the industrial welding market. Weld-Mask 2 is engineered specifically for the hazards prevalent for construction and ship welders, and other operators who weld in tight, non-traditional spaces. Weld-Mask 2 allows operators to access tight spaces, while not only keeping their eyes and head protected, but also providing the ability to wear a hard hat, reusable respirator and safety glasses for total protection and compliance. The low-profile design is approximately 40 percent lighter than a traditional auto-darkening welding helmet and a large singular lens improves range of visibility. X-Mode™ technology continuously detects the arc even when sensors are blocked, making it ideal for out-of-position, outdoor and low-amp TIG welding. 

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