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Michigan Wheel

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1501 Buchanan Avenue SW
Grand Rapids , MI 49507
United States
Booth #2037

Michigan Wheel

Founded in 1903, Michigan Wheel is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of marine propellers. From 3 inches to 36 ft in diameter, our passion is supplying efficient and durable propellers for the commercial, military, and pleasure boat markets. We also manufacture nozzles, struts, rudders, fairwater caps, and other equipment. Ask about our innovative energy savings devices, such as custom struts and rudders, and high efficiency propeller caps! Let Michigan Wheel’s experts help with your propulsion needs.

Products & Services


Michigan Aqualube Bearings

Michigan Wheel Aqualube bearings are competitively priced water lubricated bearings, available with traditional brass shells, standard and flanged, as well as phenolic (non-metallic) shells. Michigan Wheel keeps a wide selection in stock at our facilities in Grand Rapids, MI, Newton Abbott, UK, and at select US stocking distributors. 

Michigan Custom Propellers

Our CX and Marlin propellers are fully custom designed and manufactured for a specific boat. Not just for yachts, our custom propellers are commonly used to boost fuel efficiency, maximize top speed, and minimize vibration on ferries and patrol boats.

Michigan Rudders

Michigan Wheel designs and manufactures cast rudders, including custom, wake-adapted designs. These advanced designs incorporate a twist based on the direction of water flow aft of the propellers to reduce rudder drag, vibration, and cavitation.

Michigan Shaft Struts

Michigan Wheel manufactures "I", "P", and "V" style shaft struts, including custom, wake-adapted struts, which incorporate a twist based the direction of water flow coming into the strut. Wake-adapted struts decrease drag, increase propulsive efficiency, reduce vibration, and reduce risk of cavitation on the strut and the propeller.

Michigan Propellers

Our standard series propellers offer great performance at a competitive price for a wide variety of applications. Designs such as the Dyna-Quad and Work Horse have set the industry standard for marine propellers. Our DJX and DQX offer near-custom level performance at a fraction of the cost. Let us help you select the right style for your boat.

Michigan ECO-Cap

Energy saving propeller cap.

Boat Building Supplies

  • Bearings

Propulsion / Power

  • Nozzles
  • Propellers
  • Rudders
  • Shaft Components
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