December 4 - 6, 2019


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2400 W Commodore Way
Seattle , WA 98199
United States
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MER was established in 1964 to repair engines and equipment damaged by the resultant tsunami of the Alaskan 9.2 Good Friday Earthquake. Originally doing business as Marine Engine Repair, the company gradually began supplying new equipment for the Alaskan fishing fleet. Now as a generator OEM, we continue to meet the power generation needs of fishing fleets, commercial vessels and work boats the world over. Fifty-four years later, MER is still a family run business but has expanded to include the manufacture of exhaust systems, power take offs, engine controls, generator paralleling systems, vessel switch gear and vessel monitoring systems. Our philosophy of going business continues to be informed by what got us started-finding solutions to help our customers and friends get up and running.

Products & Services


Bollard™ 65kW Marine Generator with fPTO

Heavy duty motor starting generators with clutched and direct drive front power take offs. Sized from 4-500kW.

Bollard™ 105kW Marine Generators with double pump drive

Heavy duty motor starting generators with air clutched multi pump drive front power take offs. Sized from 40-500kW.

Bollard™ 200kW Marine Generators with fire monitor

Heavy duty motor starting generators with clutched FiFi (firefighting) pumps and front power takeoffs. Sized from 100-500kW.

SuperFlex™ Exhaust Bellows (Flex Sections)

Multi-ply stainless flex sections and exhaust elbows available in a wide variety of fittings such as Pipe, Tube, Flanged, Floating Flange, etc..

SeaDrive™ clutched power takeoffs for SAE bellhousings

Universal SAE 2 or 3 power take offs for John Deere - available with 400-2000 lbs-ft size clutches. Custom (larger) options available for CAT, Scania, and Cummins.

SuperFlex™ Exhaust Systems

Complete exhaust systems engineered, fabricated, and blanketed to your exact specifications. Separate components such as flanges, pipe, tube, fittings etc. also available.

Paralleling switchgear and controls

Fully configured switchgear, delivered pre-tested, compatible with paralleled generator sets.

Variable and fixed speed engine monitoring and control panels

Plug and play panels for monitoring and controlling marine engines. Paired and tested with in house switch gear. Whole vessel remote monitoring options available.

Deck Machinery / Hardware / Equipment

  • Fire Fighting Equipment

Electrical Systems & Components

  • Electrical Systems & Components

Propulsion / Power

  • Clutches
  • Electric and Hybrid Marine Propulsion
  • Engine Monitoring Systems
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Generators
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