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Mascoat provides thermal barrier and sound damping coatings for industrial, commercial, marine, and automotive substrates around the world. While some of our competitors offer a “one-size-fits-all” approach to these coatings, Mascoat engineers and manufactures a product line that fulfills market-specific needs. Our products are tested to the highest standards and are proven to conserve energy, protect personnel, save time, money, and manpower.
Mascoat’s team is comprised of industry leading experts and engineers, top skilled sales and support staff, and a dedicated group of distributors and applicators. We are a problem-solving solutions provider and the unique combination of our technology, application history, and extensive testing and engineering provides the best coatings product available for thermal protection, condensation protection and sound control.
Mascoat’s coatings begin in our state-of-the-art laboratory, where each batch is mixed using quality-controlled ingredients and proprietary manufacturing processes. Our focus on product quality allows us to guarantee our coatings, and when necessary, to produce coating and color variations that suit our client’s unique application needs.
Our products are batch-made, and are controlled via computerized tracking lot numbers. Each batch must pass a stringent test to maintain Mascoat’s quality standards, ensuring that clients receive a consistent, high-quality product every time they order.

Products & Services


Mascoat Marine-DTM Thermal Barrier and Anti-Condensation Coating

Mascoat Marine-DTM Thermal Barrier and Anti-Condensation Coating Mascoat Marine-DTM has been solving painting and thermal barrier problem for marine vessels for over 12 years. Typically applied by airless sprayer to a thickness of 40 mils (1.0 mm), the coating can be a very cost effective way to protect the shell, stiffeners and overheads for thermal and condensation control. Because it is applied like paint, it can expedite the vessel’s construction time frame.Most often, DTM is used instead of, or as an enhancement to, conventional thermal barriers in both new and refurbished vessels. In addition to working on sidewall, overheads and stiffeners, it works on tanks or anything else that needs a barrier with anti-corrosion and anti-condensation protection. The coating is normally applied at 40 mils (1.0 mm) depending on vessel usage. As a byproduct, Mascoat Marine-DTM also provides an excellent vapor barrier, increasing the intensity of substrate protection and eliminating, or at least strongly reducing, the sweating caused by condensation.

Mascoat Sound Control-dB Sound Damping Coating

Mascoat Sound Control-dB Sound Damping Coating Mascoat Sound Control-dB is designed to reduce structural borne noise found inside most vessels. The coating can be applied quickly via spray method, eliminating the need for cutting or taping bulky type materials or having to glue and pin to surfaces, dramatically reducing installation time. Its direct adhesion to the surface with its high-grade resin system provides a "no worry" attachment for years to come. This fast-curing coating can be rapidly applied to most any surface and produces dramatic sound damping abilities. Test and real world results show over 12-15 dB decrease in panels with only 1.5 mm applied. The coating is also water based, Low-VOC and is approved under IMO A.653(16) and under USCG CFR 164.112 and 164.109. Vessel owners have reported a dramatic structure-borne sound decrease with the use oft he coating to sidewalls, overheads, decks and stiffener areas of the vessel, among others.  

Mascoat VBS Isolation Mounts

To keep vessels quieter and help meet HAB standards, Mascoat is pleased to introduce VBS Isolation Mounts. These durable, effective brackets can secure and isolate a suspended ceiling or wall with no metal-to-metal contact between the rail system and the vessel's superstructure. This means that vibration traveling through the ship will be decoupled from the suspended ceiling, making for a much quieter vessel. The brackets allow for rapid installation with no need for multiple bits to attach and tighten the brackets. To give customers the best performance for their specific needs, Mascoat developed 3 different rubber dampers that each perform depending on the situation. Mascoat Personnel will work closely with designers and owners to find the best solution for each vessel, ensuring successful noise reduction.

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