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Marsh Bellofram / KING-GAGE Systems

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Marsh Bellofram / KING-GAGE Systems

KING-GAGE® Marine Systems ensure accurate measurement of ballast levels and shipboard service tanks. Select marine grade components for fuel oil, ballast water and draft monitoring applications. Our instrumentation for vessel management delivers performance and reliability for shallow draft, freshwater, commercial and naval fleets. Ballast water monitoring is a critical application for most vessels and floating drydocks. Our LiquiSeal or Purge Control bubbler systems and LevelWAV radar transmitters are proven technologies for marine tank gauging and draft measurement.

This approach to marine tank gauging requires no internal components whose periodic recalibration or failure could necessitate personnel entering the tank (or compartment). Supports network connectivity to share tank level data with ship automation systems.

KING-GAGE® Marine Systems are used extensively all maritime sectors including offshore, floating dry docks, naval vessels, ferries, tugs, and oceangoing fleets.

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KING-GAGE LP3 Tank Level & Draft System

KING-GAGE® LP3 tank level systems are designed as a simplified solution for marine tank level and draft applications. KING-GAGE marine systems are designed for use in vessel management environments to monitor multiple tanks and/or vessel draft measurement. This integrated solution supports up to 32-tank channels per module. Additionally, the LP3 marine system can also receive tank level data from remote KING-GAGE LP2 digital indicators via two wire multidrop RS485 communications. Take advantage of the built-in digital communications capability of the LP3 system to simplify vessel management integration. Standard configuration of the system provides Ethernet and RS485 communications including a built-in web server enabling HTTP access to tank monitoring data by mimicking the LP3 screen displays on any computer or mobile device using vessel’s onboard network (LAN) or remotely via an Internet connection.

D/P LiquiSeal Level Transmitter

KING-GAGE® D/P LiquiSeal Purge Control was engineered for marine level applications and is ABS type approved. Purge Control transmitters are an advanced hybrid design of proven hydrostatic (or bubbler) technology. These extremely rugged units transmit level as a proportional 4-20mA output. Downpipe penetration can be at the top of the tank or through a lower side bulkhead.This rugged component integrates an air purge regulator, pressure transmitter and isolation diaphragm to continuously measure hydrostatic pressure (created by liquid depth). Mounted external of the tank, it automatically maintains an extremely low flow continuous purge regardless of depth minimizing formations in the downpipe while ensuring real-time response to dynamic level changes. Two wire output simplifies shipboard wiring for easy installation including vessel refits.

Barge Draft Meter System

The KING-GAGE® LP1 marine draft meter system provides fore and aft draft measurement for barges. This economical and reliable monitoring solution uses rugged draft level transmitters together with a two channel display package including optional remote indication. Proven in hundreds of marine applications, the system can be easily refit on existing barges and doesn’t require extensive modifications.Vessel draft is continuously displayed in feet/inches or meters on a dual line LED indicator. The display module powers the remote transmitters over two-wire cable which simplifies onboard wiring. Performance is  better than + 0.5 in (13 mm) accuracy.

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