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Marine Technologies LLC

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1111 Decker Drive
Mandeville , LA 70471
United States
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Marine Technologies LLC

Marine Technologies LLC (MT) is a U.S.-based company dedicated to providing superior vessel control and communication solutions for all types of vessels. MT has delivered systems to everything from large offshore specialty vessels, accommodation vessels, wind farms supply vessels to smaller type vessels like tug boats and luxury yachts. MT products include dynamic positioning systems, integrated bridge systems and VSAT communications including remote access for diagnostics and monitoring. The company is headquartered in Mandeville, Louisiana, with offices in Norway and Brazil

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Bridge Mate (TM) Dynamic Positioning Systems

Dynamic Positioning (DP) concept is based on a distributed architecture that emphasizes both redundancy and segregation philosophies. The robust design is important on vessels where a service and system specialist is not at hand 24 hours a day, every day. In addition to distribute operator stations and DP control computers, the Bridge Mate system has distributed thruster and sensor interface units based on a stand alone IO unit specially designed for use on DP vessels. The distributed architecture reduces the cable installationconsiderably. Each interface unit can be placed close to the thrusters, the refrence systems and the sensors to be interfaced. The design of the interface unit makes the Bridge Mate system well suited for retrofit and upgrading within all equipment classes.


The Conditional Online-Based Risk Advisory System (COBRAS) for maritime and offshore operations will provide monitoring and automatic response to vessel system thresholds. The purpose is to provide a virtual sentinel whose job is to: Keep watch of vessel systems, Provide an automatic and rapid advisory in the event system limits are approached,Report system health, trending and vessel system statusCOBRAS will constantly monitor vessel data.COBRAS will analyze trends and predict the timeline of potential events. COBRAS will present system statistics at a glance at any time. COBRAS will provide a GO - NOGO directive on vessel operations.COBRAS will have the ability to monitor any vessel system.

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