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MARIN – Maritime Research Institute

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MARIN – Maritime Research Institute

MARIN is an independent service provider in hydrodynamic and nautical research and development, whose know-how and experience is made available for Concept Development, Design Support, Operations Support and Tool Development. MARIN’s customers include governments, authorities, commercial ship builders, fleet owners and naval architects internationally. The core asset of MARIN is its staff, in total over 350 employees, from researchers to engineers.

With advanced mathematical models different aspects of the sailing behaviour of ships and offshore structures can be investigated and optimized via computations. For validation and or investigating special model tests are used. Full scale measurements are performed to validate predictions or to analyse specific topics in full scale. Real time simulation is applied for training purposes and for investigating sea keeping behaviour and manoeuvrability in critical conditions.
More specific MARIN provides (1) consultancy in concept design, business case calculations, operational performance of ships, inland ships and seagoing ships. (2) Prediction, optimization and model testing focused on minimizing the resistance and propulsion power of ships and on operational performance of offshore (wind) structures. (3) Assessing, improving and or modelling manoeuvring behaviour of ships. (4) Simulations of (inland) ship manoeuvring in critical conditions.


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