December 4 - 6, 2019


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Pow-R-Quik a division of the Maradyne Corporation offers Air and Hydraulic Starters along with Air and Hydraulic Complete Starting Systems. Our Starters start diesel and gas engines from the smallest one cylinder to the largest engine made.
The Pow-R-Quik air and gas Starters for diesel and spark ignited engines have a wide range of torque output capability to meet any engines starting requirements.
The Hydraulic Starters and Hydraulic Starting Systems product lines are designed to meet the toughest requirements for any size engine and application used in the Marine, Oil & Gas and Power Generation Industries

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Pow-R-Quik Turbine Starters and Starting Systems

PRQ200 Series - covers diesel engines up 200 liter (400 liter gas) PRQ22 Series - covers diesel engines up to 22 liter (44 liter gas) All models are designed for heavy duty applications and long lasting operation, all components are made of steel, cast iron, and aluminum. All Turbine Starters are Gas Sealed from factory and can be ordered with optional additional protection for harsh/salty marine environments or potential air/gas contamination. The starters do not require airstream lubrication and comply with EPA mandates for fugitive emissions. With a low weight of 50lbs for 200 series and 26lbs for the 22 series, Pow-R-Quick Turbine starters are one of the lightest in the industry. The starters can be configured for a wide range of operating air pressures and air flow availability specific to the customers’ needs. Our design team can offer turnkey Air Starting System solutions for any engine and any application.

Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starters and Starting Systems

Pow-R-Quik HS(CV) hydraulic starters represent our next generation of products built to withstand and operate in conditions where oil temperatures can be at extreme highs and lows and potential oil supply contamination can occur.  Building on performance and quality, we have combined our rugged continuous duty geared HS series hydraulic motors with our Smart-R-Valve technology success into a very compact and efficient “out of the box” total package starter.  Our product offers the first Integrated Hydraulically Pre-engaged Inertia Starter, designed to be low maintenance and deliver superior durability. The starter design simplicity and accuracy in terms of pinion engagement results in consistent smooth, trouble free pinion engagements each and every time. Starter controlled valve design generates a quicker transition from engagement to cranking mode, resulting in less oil consumption and faster cranking speeds. Results: Safer, Quicker, Reliable engine starting.

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