December 4 - 6, 2019

Maine Maritime Academy

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Maine Maritime Academy

Maine Maritime Academy is a co-educational, public college on the coast of Maine offering 22 degree programs in engineering, management, science, and transportation. Founded in 1941 as an exclusively regimental program, the college has diversified and grown significantly over the years, and now serves approximately 950 undergraduate and graduate students in career-oriented majors that are both regimented and non-regimented. The traditional undergraduate program leads to a B.S. degree and a license as a third mate or third assistant engineer in the U.S. Merchant Marine.The college’s job placement rate for MMA graduates is in excess of 90 percent within 90 days of graduation. We invite you to learn more about Maine Maritime and how we can assist you in your staffing and continuing education requirements by visiting

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Continuing Education Services

Maine Maritime Academy's Division of Continuing Education offers alumni, employers, professional mariners, and Maine citizens a selection of courses (8 to 80 hours in length) that complement and expand upon Academy mission areas. Courses are offered publicly or by private contract at Castine and selected training sites in the United States or abroad.New courses are continually in development. A complete course schedule, program descriptions, and application information are available at Contact: or 207-326-2211.

Degree Programs with Associated U.S. Coast Guard Licenses

Upon successful completion of all MMA academic and training requirements AND subject to all U.S. Coast Guard rules and regulations, students are qualified to sit for examination for the specified USCG licenses in the following degree programs:Associate in Science• Small Vessel Operations: USCG Mate-200-ton, near coastal Bachelor of Science• Marine Engineering Operations: USCG Third Assistant Engineer, unlimited horsepower• Marine Engineering Technology: USCG Third Assistant Engineer, unlimited horsepower• Marine Systems Engineering (License Track): USCG Third Assistant Engineer, unlimited horsepower• Marine Transportation Operations: USCG Third Mate, unlimited tonnage• Small Vessel Operations: USCG Mate-200-ton, near coastal, and USCG Mate-500-ton near coastal or oceansTo learn more, contact the MMA Office of Admissions,, 207-326-2207;

Employee Recruitment Services

The MMA Office of Career Services andC ooperative Education is your source for access to potential employees holding an MMA degree; from highly skilled and experienced professionals to competent,eager new graduates. The Career Services office provides a fall career fair and on campus recruiting opportunities for companies throughout the academic year.We also maintain an online job bulletin service for alumni, graduate and undergraduate students entering or returning to the job market. Employment advertisements are added daily. Unlimited employment listings are offered free of charge to potential employers, providing a cost-effective addition to your company’s recruiting process. Contact Tim Leach, Director of Career Services and Cooperative Education –, ph. (207) 326-2276 or visit:

Graduate Majors

M.S. degree options - Global Logistics & Maritime Management (on campus); International Logistics Management (online); Master's & Commander in Maritime Management (on campus and online). To learn more, contact the Loeb-Sullivan School of International Business and Logistics, Maine Maritime Academy,, 207-326-2212;

Student Internships, Cooperative Education Opportunities, and Cadet Shipping

As experiential learning is a hallmark of a Maine Maritime Academy education, most of our undergraduate majors require some form of cooperative work experience during a student’s time at the college. Students in seagoing programs engage in valuable cadet shipping assignments, summer opportunities for qualifying sea time, and seasonal employment. Graduate students often seek internships and research opportunities to fulfill their academic requirements as well. Contact the Maine Maritime Academy Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education to discuss your needs for student assistance and willingness to provide hands-on training;, 207-326-2276.

Undergraduate Majors

A.S. and B.S. degree options. Associate of Science: Small Vessel Operations; Small Craft Design; Small Craft Systems. Bachelor of Science: International Business and Logistics; Marine Biology; Marine Engineering Operations; Marine Engineering Technology; Marine Systems Engineering (Non-License Track); Marine Systems Engineering (License Track); Marine Transportation Operations; Marine Science; Marine Biology; Power Engineering Technology; Power Engineering Operations; Small Vessel Operations; Interdisciplinary Studies. To learn more, contact the Maine Maritime Academy Office of Admissions,, 207-326-2207; 1-800-464-6565,

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