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Lucas Oil Marine Products

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302 North Sheridan Street
Corona , CA 92880
United States
Booth #1951

Lucas Oil Marine Products

Lucas Oil Marine Products is a privately held company that provides high performance “problem solving” lubrication and additive products worldwide. Lucas Oil markets and provides products to the general
consumer while specializing in the heavy-duty industrial markets to
include the marine, agricultural, trucking and racing
industries wherever heavy-duty engines and machinery are used.

Products & Services


Lucas Oil Marine Fuel Treatment

Lucas Marine Fuel Treatment is designed specifically to address the issues watercraft owners experience with their engines and fuel systems. Lucas Marine Fuel Treatment fights corrosion, keeps fuel lines, carburetors or fuel injectors clean and free of deposits while lubricating and protecting vital engine parts. Powerful detergents, including polyether amines, improve cleanliness in the fuel system and internal engine parts. It’s designed for gasoline and diesel engines, 4-stroke or 2-stroke. Upper cylinder lubricants insure smooth operation and longer engine life.

Lucas Oil Anti-Gel Cold Weather Diesel Treatment

Product is specifically designed to prevent cold filter plugging in diesel and bio-diesel fuels. Manufactured with the highest quality components to provide maximum performance.KEY BENEFITSContains Real water dispersants to effectively remove moisture from the entire fuel systemLowers the cold filter plugging point of ULSD and BiofuelsPrevents fuel thickening and gellingNo alcoholWill not void warrantiesNo harmful effect on diesel particulate filters

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