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Liferaft Systems Australia

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5 Sunmont Street
Derwent Park 7009 , Tasmania
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Liferaft Systems Australia

Liferaft Systems Australia (LSA) design and manufacture inflatable Marine Evacuation Systems (MES) for medium to large passenger ferries, military vessels and superyachts worldwide. LSA MES is a compact and lightweight design and together with ease of installation provides significant cost and operational advantages to the ship designer, builder and owner. LSA operate an ISO 9001 QMS system and each MES is manufactured in accordance with SOLAS requirements. The system is Type Approved by Transport Canada, USCG and EC Marine Equipment Directive. LSA have established service facilities in 25 countries and have dedicated sales and support offices in North America and United Kingdom.

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LSA Marine Evacuation System

Liferaft Systems Australia (LSA) range of Marine Evacuation Systems (MES), provide rapid and safe evacuation which delivers passengers and crew, dry-shod, directly into large capacity liferafts. Each LSA Marine Evacuation System (MES) comprises: an inflatable inclined evacuation slide; a large capacity inflatable liferaft (canopied or open reversible); and a lightweight stowage cradle manufactured in marine grade aluminium. LSA MES is the only approved, [self supporting / independent] system in the world which evacuates passengers and crew directly from the vessel into large capacity liferafts via an inclined evacuation slide without the need for any winches or complicated hydraulics.

LSA Large Capacity Self Righting Liferafts

The Liferaft Systems Australia (LSA) large capacity self-righting liferafts are designed to form part of a Marine Evacuation System (MES) but can equally be deployed as a stand alone liferaft unit. ADVANTAGES Strength Manufactured from durable and lightweight advanced polyurethane coated nylon fabric. Construction using proven high frequency welding and cold stick adhesive bonding techniques. Four separate buoyancy compartments for maximum survivability. Protection Double skinned canopies for additional insulation. Inflatable or foil floor for insulation. All LSA liferafts stowed in a purpose made glass-fibre container. Specifically designed aluminium single or double launching racks. Flexibility All liferafts designed to form part of LSA MES. All liferafts can equally be deployed as stand alone liferaft units. All liferafts come with the appropriate SOLAS emergency pack. Unique “boat shaped” liferaft design facilitates easier towing. Enlarged canopy entrances maximise boarding rate.

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