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Lasdrop is global leader in propeller and rudder shaft seals for the marine industry. The Lasdrop technology is the preferred product of commercial and recreational mariners worldwide thanks to its innovative design, durability and environmental safeguards. Our products protect in all marine environments, from freshwater lakes and rivers, to oceans, arctic and tropical.

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DrySealSplit-face Plate makes it easy to replace inner lip seal with an optional Back-up Seal without the need for special installation tools.  Seal Housing constructed of a durable copolymer with built in water lubricated bearing insuring proper alignment to the shaft.  Optional Back-up Seal rotates freely on the shaft until replacement is needed  AWAB Hose Clamps are made of 316 stainless steel with rolled band edges to eliminate risk of damage to hose. The non-perforated band provides twice the tensile strength of regular clamp.   Available in shaft sizes of ¾” to 8” (20mm to 200mm) in diameter with stern tubes of up to 12” (305mm) in diameter


Lasdrop introduces the new TriSeal • Dual split lip seal design • Optional inflatable inner seal designed to ease maintenance it also provides easy replacement of the lip seals without the need for pulling vessel out of the water • Utilizes split lip seals for easy replacement, making it unnecessary to remove the shaft from the coupling • Available for shafts of 5-12" (127 mm - 300 mm) • Accommodating any bolt pattern for up to 18" diameter flange • Manufactured and engineered in USA

Original "Bellows"

The Lasdrop Original “Bellows” seal is a face seal that features a vibration absorbing bellows, ideal for use on sailboats and workboats.  Specially balanced for smooth rotation, this model utilizes a 316 stainless steel and carbon graphite for its sealing surfaces.  Like all Lasdrop models, a water lubricated bearing is designed in the assembly to insure correct alignment with the shaft. Available in shaft sizes of 3/4” – 8” (100mm – 200mm) in diameter with a stern tube of up to 10 ½”. We can accommodate a stern tube flange of up to 18”.

Generation II

The Gen II offers exclusive features that make it the premier shaft seal on the market with the culmination of more than a quarter century of experience in shaft seal design.  The Gen II offers a unique ball-bearing drive system that allows the seal ring to "float" and remain in constant contact with the carbon graphite seal surface, resulting in a seal that's impenetrable to water. Available in shaft sizes of 1 1/8” – 5” (30mm – 127mm) in diameter.


The Lasdrop Elite is a compact, lip seal designed for quick and easy installation. The lip seal, made specifically for marine use, is in constant low friction contact with the propeller shaft, preventing water from passing in your vessel. As in all Lasdrop models, the Elites incorporates a water lubricated alignment bearing in the housing to keep the unit properly aligned with the shaft. There is a compartment that is secured to the housing that encompasses a back-up seal, making it changeable in the future without the need of removing the shaft or entire unit. 2nd back-up seal in compartment is available as an option.

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