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Lankhorst Ropes

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151 Commerce Drive
Montgomeryville , PA 18936-9628
United States
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Lankhorst Ropes

Lankhorst Ropes is a leading manufacturer of high synthetic fibre and steel wire ropes for the maritime and offshore industry with a vast global presence.
Since November 2018, Lankhorst Ropes has opened its facility in Philadelphia, PA with a branch in Houston and service center in Lafayette, LA.
The products we bring to the towing and inland shipping markets are Lanko®Force, Euroflex®, Strongline™ and our latest rope options designed for usage on ATB’s.

Our service, inventory and factory locations are: Philadelphia (PA), Portland (OR), Lafayette LA and Houston (TX)
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Lankhorst Ropes is a brand the world’s largest steel wire and Synthetic ropes manufacturer, WireCo WorldGroup with HQ in Kansas City, Kansas.

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TIPTO®TWELVE, available in the diameter range of 16 mm till 48 mm, is the successor of the well-known TIPTO®EIGHT. The construction is different, the material remains the same. The 12-strand braided construction makes the rope rounder, more stable, compact and regular on the surface. This increases the abrasion resistance and the life-time of the rope even more. TIPTO®TWELVE can be used for mooring, using either bollards and/ or winches. All TIPTO®TWELVE coils will be fitted with a quality label, stating “Original product of Lankhorst Ropes”. TIPTO®TWELVE ropes in the range from 32 mm up to 48 mm have been upgraded with an extra marker yarn. The rope size can now easily (and above all) without mistake be identified.


12 strand braided rope, made of Dyneema® yarns. This rope forms LANKO®FORCEan excellent alternative for heavy and lumbersome steelwire ropes in situations requiring manual handling of the rope. The strength is higher than that of conventional steelwire rope andthe corresponding weight is 7 times lower! The better handling characteristics are especially appreciated in towing and mooring applications. This rope is floating!  When replacing fibre rope the reduction in diameter can lead to substantial saving of weight and size of e.g. the mooring winches, and when incorporated in the design of the vessel at newbuilding to a saving of cost as well. Lankhorst Ropes has developed an innovative, abrasion resistant coating for its LANKO®FORCE towing ropes, simultaneously improving abrasion resistance and making the ropes easier to handle. The coating is an alternative to the protective jacket normally used to safeguard the rope during handling.


STRONGLINE has a rope construction consisting of a parallel core with a braided protective cover. The parallel core results in a very high strength compared to the diameter and material. The protective cover ensures a long life-time of the rope due to its excellent resistance against abrasion. Regular maintenance can significantly lengthen the rope service life. The main applications of this rope are towing and mooring. When STRONGLINE is installed on a towing winch, twists in the rope during installation can reduce the service life of the rope once put to work. To prevent twisting, it is crucial to use a turning table for unwinding from a coil. To facilitate the installation and avoiding induced twisting, a longitudinal marking has been added to the STRONGLINE during manufacture. Please make sure the longitudinal marking line is always on the same position while winding up the STRONGLINE on your towing winch.


The continuing industry demand for mooring and towing ropes with higher strength AND smaller diameters, has led to the development of EUROFLEX®. Its excellent handling properties, softness and flexibility combined with its high energy absorption capability and abrasion resistance, make the EUROFLEX® one of the best ropes available today for mooring and towing for both shipping and offshore operations.


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