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KVH Industries, Inc.

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KVH Industries, Inc.

KVH Industries delivers maritime satellite communications and entertainment solutions for commercial fleets, helping you optimize operations and stay competitive in today’s challenging market with an end-to-end SATCOM solution includes the No. 1 marine VSAT service and rugged satellite TV systems.

Working vessels in the Gulf and worldwide depend on KVH SATCOM solutions. We deliver data and voice via our TracPhone V-IP series antennas and mini-VSAT Broadband service, the industry’s No. 1 maritime VSAT service. This solution includes fully integrated above- and below-decks equipment, global coverage, and flexible airtime plans designed for commercial operations and budgets.

Fully licensed news and entertainment content along with critical training and operations data are delivered affordably via KVH’s groundbreaking IP-MobileCast service. And for high-definition TV, KVH’s award-winning TracVision stabilized TV antennas work with satellite TV services worldwide. Visit KVH at

Products & Services


TracVision® HD11 Satellite TV System

Keep your crew entertained and reduce your operational challenges by bringing the KVH TracVision HD11 onboard. The ultimate 1-meter satellite TV antenna solution, the HD11 grants everyone a front-row seat to global programming as well as easy user operation. Sharp, uninterrupted reception will help keep crew morale high as fleets move from ocean to ocean. Features include:• The best global coverage and superior performance in adverse conditions thanks to a four-axis, fully stabilized antenna that tracks satellites from the horizon to directly overhead, even in rough seas• An advanced Universal World LNB, which enables reconfiguration for tracking any of more than 100 satellites in its worldwide TV satellite library • An IP-enabled Antenna Control Unit with Ethernet and Wi-Fi to permit seamless system control via web browser or free iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch apps

TracVision® HD7 Satellite TV System

Working vessels can experience satellite TV at sea like their crew is used to at home with KVH’s robust TracVision HD7 maritime satellite TV antenna system. The HD7’s innovative antenna design brings high-definition programming from DIRECTV® onboard using KVH’s exclusive TriAD™ technology, which simultaneously receives broadcasts from all three DIRECTV satellites.• Optional Tri-Americas™ LNB for great satellite TV reception when the vessel travels through the Americas• Enhanced tracking algorithms for DIRECTV’s Ka- and Ku-band satellites• IP-enabled antenna control unit and corresponding TracVision iPhone® app for easy and intuitive setup and system control• Full DVR support enables the whole crew to watch the TV programming they like during their off-duty hours.

TracVision® TV8 Satellite TV System

KVH’s 81 cm (32 inch) diameter TracVision TV8 satellite TV antenna system equips commercial vessels with high-performance tracking and excellent reception. The system is compatible with popular Ku-band HDTV and standard-definition satellite TV programming around the globe, so whether the vessel is in port or underway to its next destination in rough seas, the TracVision TV8 will bring the crew hundreds of channels of uninterrupted, crystal-clear entertainment.• Automatic skew control and integrated GPS for the fastest satellite acquisition and unmatched tracking• TV-Hub enables trouble-free setup, easy system monitoring, multi-satellite configuring, and easy switching between satellite TV services• Satellite library preprogrammed to track more than 90 TV satellites worldwide, so there is no need to add satellites manually

TracVision® TV6 Satellite TV System

Vessels with work assignments that take them to international ports of call need a reliable, high performance, satellite TV antenna system so crew members can count on their favorite television programming during their off-duty hours. The powerful, stabilized 60 cm (24-inch) diameter TracVision TV6 antenna supports DIRECTV® U.S., DIRECTV Latin America, DISH Network®, Bell TV, and circular and linear Ku-band services worldwide. Featuring innovative technology, TracVision TV6 includes an IP-enabled belowdecks TV-Hub and web interface for system information from any Wi-Fi device, plus superior antenna performance:• High performance tracking with advanced algorithms for crystal-clear television picture in heavy seas• Advanced inertial-based stabilized search for fast satellite acquisition• RingFire™ technology for stronger signals, wider geographic coverage, and better reception 

TracVision® TV5 Satellite TV System

The powerful, fully stabilized TracVision TV5 provides superior satellite TV coverage, whether your vessel is pounding through heavy seas or making steady progress on a long passage. The DVB-S2 compatible system supports DIRECTV® U.S., DIRECTV Latin America, DISH Network®, Bell TV, and circular and linear Ku-band services worldwide. TracVision TV5’s Linear Universal Quad LNB configuration offers optional built-in GPS and autoskew.With exclusive RingFire™ technology, the 45 cm (18-inch) TracVision TV5 antenna provides 30% greater reception than comparably sized systems, as well as stronger signals and wider geographic coverage. Features include:• TracVision TV-Hub, a streamlined IP-enabled antenna control unit with web interface for easy access to system information• Low elevation angle for better tracking in northern latitudes• Advanced inertial-based stabilized search for fast satellite acquisition

TracVision® TV3 Satellite TV System

Give your crew the television entertainment that boosts morale with the TracVision TV3, the 37 cm (14.5 inch) antenna from KVH. TracVision TV3’s high performance tracking, based on advanced algorithms, delivers crystal-clear television picture even in heavy seas. Sophisticated inertial-based stabilized search enables fast satellite acquisition so there is no waiting time for the crew to start watching their favorite programs – from DIRECTV®, DISH Network®, Bell TV, and circular and linear Ku-band services worldwide. Other features include:• Single coaxial cable for power, data, and video for easy installations and retrofits • TV-Hub, an IP-enabled antenna control unit with Ethernet connection and built-in Wi-Fi interface allows access to system information from any Wi-Fi device• Automatic satellite switching for easy to access all programming and local channels

TracPhone V3HTS

The ultra-compact 37 cm Ku-band KVH TracPhone V3-HTS maritime VSAT system offers flexible metered airtime plans, a commercial-grade antenna with high-performance stabilization and tracking, proactive monitoring to ensure maximum uptime and highest levels of performance, and download/upload speeds as fast as 5/2 Mbps on the mini-VSAT Broadband HTS network.

TracPhone V7HTS

The 3-axis, gyro-stabilized, 60 cm (24 inch) diameter TracPhone V7-HTS offers blazing fast, worldwide connectivity via next-generation satellites on the mini-VSAT Broadband HTS Network. This comprehensive SATCOM solution includes:• Fastest data speeds: Download/upload speeds as fast as 10 Mbps/3 Mbps• Simultaneous high-speed and free unlimited use data channels• Global coverage with KVH’s Ku-band HTS network with 272 million square kilometers (105 million square miles) of coverage

TracPhone® V11HTS

The rugged, 1-meter Ku/C-band TracPhone V11-HTS system delivers the speeds businesses and crews at sea want, along with affordable airtime that enables you to optimize your business with superior connectivity. Provided by the No. 1 maritime VSAT network – mini-VSAT Broadband*, this comprehensive SATCOM solution provides data speeds as fast as 20 Mbps/3 Mbps (down/up) worldwide and includes:• Seamless global coverage• Smart data tools• Exclusive dual-channel configuration wit simultaneous high-speed and unlimited use data channels


Offering your fleet everything it needs to compete today, AgilePlans is the only all‑inclusive, no commitment service including global broadband, VSAT hardware, daily TV and print news, training, free shipping, free installation, and zero maintenance costs. With a choice of either the TracPhone® V7-HTS or V11-HTS, you can connect with data rates as fast as 20 Mbps, plus get an unlimited use data channel. Equip your vessels with the world’s leading VSAT connectivity solution and enjoy:NO CAPEX, installation, or maintenance costsNO commitment plus monthly subscriptions as low as $799NO penalties if you need to cancel for ultimate flexibility

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