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KE Marine, Inc.

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732 Parker St
Jacksonville , FL 32202
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KE Marine, Inc.

KE Marine and WWDP specialize in diesel engine maintenance solutions, including repair & maintenance to 2- and 4-stroke diesel engines and turbochargers, in-situ machining, honing and grinding, reconditioning services and diesel engine spare parts supply. Complete sales and service on Chris-Marine manufactured maintenance machines & equipment as well as IOP Marine, manufacturer of hand-powered and air-powered fuel-injector test rigs (VPU series) & Hydraulic Power Packs (HPU series) for marine and stationary diesel engines.

Products & Services


Flange Sealing Surface Lathe Type FSL

Flange Sealing Surface Lathe Type FSL The Flange Sealing Surface Lathe is intended for rapid maintenance of flanges with a center hole – e.g. propeller blades. The portable FSL for onsite use can machine a complete propeller blade flange in less than 2 hours, incl. set up.

HPU 1500

HPU 1500The HPU 1500 is a traditional power supply for hydraulic tools. The unit can be powered by both air or by hand and delivers a maximum hydraulic pressure of 1500 bar.

Portable Lathe Type PTL

Portable Lathe Type PTLFor fast and efficient machining of engine blocks. Electrically driven portable lathe. Designed for machining of all sealing surfaces within the engine block. Automatic horizontal and vertical feed. Adjustable for different machining diameters.

Surface Grinding Machine Type CPL

Surface Grinding Machine Type CPLEliminate those troublesome water and gas leaks. The CPL machine will bring about great savings from in-situ grinding and milling of cylinder heads, liners and engine blocks. Manually driven. The machine can also be used for grinding of sealing surface between piston crown and piston skirt.

VPU 900-2

VPU 900-2The VPU 900-2 is a pneumatic fuel valve test unit designed for testing of fuel-injectors from common 4-stroke engines where the opening pressure is above 550 bar. This unit can be operated by hand or by air and is suitable for all Wärtsilä and MaK engines.

Working Rig Type WR

Working Rig Type WRFor use when dismantling, cleaning, grinding and rebuilding of cylinder heads and exhaust valve cages. The working rig has a self locking turning gear, is adjustable in height and has accessability from three sides to simplify overhaul work.

Ultrasonic Cleaning System

The Ultrasonic cleaning system offers a solution to the cleaning requirements of both power generation and marine industries including the cleaning of engine parts such as:• Valve spindles• Fuel injectors• Filters• Cylinder heads• PistonsCUSTOMER ADVANTAGES• Saves Time & Money due to fast & efficient cleaning• Environmentally friendly cleaning compared to conventional chemical cleaning liquids• Extends Lifetime of cleaned parts• Surrounding transducer set up ensures high effectivity compared to submersible        solutions

Automatic Honing & Deglazing Machine Type HONA

Automatic honing machine for restoration of medium speed engine cylinder liner geometry and surface structure.The electrically-driven honing and deglazing machine features adjustable stone pressure and a programmable handheld PLC controller, which includes automatic stroke control functionality and ability to specify the exact cross pattern angle.As the automatic honing machines is fully electric powered there is no need for compressed air!Furthermore, the new honing machine allows for even better cylinder liner maintenance as it boasts a range of advanced features that helps the operator to ensure the optimal honing result.

Valve Seat & Recess Lathe Type VRL

The Chris-Marine VRL-type portable lathe is for use in machining diesel engine valve seats recesses from ø74 – 200 mm and valve seats from ø55 – 230 mm. It is of robust construction and designed as a professional tool for machining valve seat recesses and valve seats both onboard and ashore.

Mobile Workshops

Chris-Marine's mobile workshop concept includes mobile containers that are fully equipped with the most up to date and cutting edge equipment, uniquely designed for flexible operation in various applications, locations and conditions.The workshops are tailor made and can contain any tools supplied by Chris-Marine®, Obel-P®, LEMAG®  and/or anything per customer's request. The workshop solutions are easy to set up, and ready to use right away.

Propulsion / Power

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