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KBI/ Kold Ban Intl.

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8390 Pingree Rd
Lake In The Hills , IL 60156
United States
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KBI/ Kold Ban Intl.

Dead batteries are a fact of life when it comes to boat operation and ownership. Periods of disuse, temperature extremes, corrosion, shock and vibration take their toll on the engine’s cranking battery. With KBI’s range of specialized engine starting products that equation has changed forever. Using the permanently installed KAPower Starting Module (KSM) or the portable KrankingKart Mini HD, it’s now possible to have onboard, reliable back-up reserve starting power that’s always there when needed. Unlike lead acid batteries, KBI products rely on super-capacitors, which are maintenance free, they operate from -40°F to 185°F with no reduction in output. With a lifespan of over one million cycles and 20 years, they are truly set and forget.

Products & Services


KSM KAPower Starting Module

For use as an auxiliary and/or emergency power source.  KSM is installed in parallel with an engine's cranking batteries, providing consistent starting power.  Lightweight (KBi's heaviest KSM module supplies 112 kW and weighs only 32.5 pounds), and easy to install, the KSM can be mounted in any orientation, even upside down.  No maintenance is required.  KSM is available in 12 and 24 volts and various power ranges.

Kranking Kart Mini HD

The Kranking Kart Mini HD is a portable start pack, housed in a rugged ABS plastic case, which is waterproof to IP 67 standards, it even floats.  With its digital volt meter, 1500 amp output, built in reverse polarity protection, 6 foot long cables and heavy duty copper clamps, it is designed for operation in the toughest jump starting environments.  All units recharge after use in a scant 30 seconds.

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