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59 Porter Road
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United States
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JOWA USA, Inc. in Littleton, MA has provided Metritape tank gauging systems to customers worldwide since 1965. Simple, Rugged, Reliable.

IMO 2020 will impact many ship owners / operators. Are you ready? Many new low sulfur fuel options will be blended products and may not be interchangeable. This could create difficulties for users. One simple and effective way to improve your operations is to use a JOWA Homogenizer. This device in the fuel system will improve both the compatibility of fuels and also extend blended fuel stability. Come see us in Booth 2552 to discuss you needs.

Looking to ditch chlorine dosing for your potable water system? Switch to a Silver Ion water treatment system. No bad taste or smell and no hazardous chemicals used.

JOWA USA is also the North American distributor and service center of JOWA AB products. JOWA AB manufactures pioneering technology that is recognized worldwide for oily water separators, sewage treatment systems, emulsion breaking systems, oil discharge monitoring and control systems, and fresh water equipment. JOWA also produces Fuel Homogenizer systems for marine and land based applications. Products are approved by major classification societies that include DNV GL, LR, ABS, BV, and USCG.

Worldwide parts depots and service locations: Holland, Sweden, Greece, USA, Singapore and China.

Products & Services


Deckmaster Central & Remote

The DeckMaster Deck Unit is a liquid level display and alarm status unit intended for installation on the deck of a barge or tanker. Combined, several Deck Units and the DeckMaster Central Conditioning Unit meet the cargo gauging and alarm requirements of the USCG’s vapor emission regulations (46CFR39). The user may scan the level and alarm status of any tank in the system from any Deck Unit.


The JOWA 3SEP OWS is a dual stage oily bilge water separation system utilizing differential specific gravity, coalescence plates and filtration to separate and remove free and emulsified oil. The system is designed as a skid assembly with all connection points collected for easy installation. To eliminate corrosion problems the tanks are made of stainless steel, AISI 316L. Spare parts are easily available from one of our offices or representatives worldwide.


Introducing the Ag-S Silver Ion Water Treatment System.  Silver ions kill off bacteria,germs and algae, and control their regrowth within the water system.  The Ag-S replaces chlorine systems without the bad smell/taste or hazardous chemicals.

JOWA Emulsion Breaking Unit (EBU)

JOWA Emulsion Breaking Unit is designed to break apart water in oily water emulsions. The unit separates up to 80% of the water in the emulsion. The treated water is then fed to an IMO MEPC 107(49) approved filter type/bilge water separator such as the JOWA 3SEP. Use of the JOWA EBU combined with the JOWA 3SEP can reduce oil discharge levels to 2PPM or less.


The JOWA ODME 2005 Oil Discharge Monitor is approved as a “third generation” monitor, based on IMO resolution MEPC 108(49) and MEPC 240(5) for Biofuel blends. It is easy to operate and has a menu that is self-explanatory. The equipment is robust and easy to install and maintain. Its unique self-cleaning feature makes manual cleaning virtually unnecessary. The high quality JOWA ODME is designed to last many years, even in rough environments.

Metritape Level Sensors

With its innovative resistance-tape technology, JOWA USA provides reliable level gauging solutions for a diverse and demanding mix of applications. Commonly known as Metritape, this nonmechanical, continuous level sensor offers clear advantages over other level technologies, especially in thick, sticky liquids that cause mechanical level gauges to seize. With over 25,000 units installed throughout the world, the Metritape resistance-tape level sensor is a proven success with high user acceptance and customer loyalty.Applications include cargo, service, fuel, ballast and draft. Combined systems can monitor inert gas pressure to meet IMO regulations.

JOWA iPack Oil Maintenance Unit

Highly automated filtration system for maintenance of hydraulic and gear oils.  Extends life-cycle of oils and equipment through removal of particle and water contaminants.  The system is compact and easy to use with both “Fixed” and “Mobile” versions available.

JOWA Water in Fuel Emulsions (WFE)

The system will produce a stable emulsion of water in fuel oils.  The emulsion is based on a variable percentage of water to the fuel oil flow rate. Results in: Reduction of NOx emissions Reduction of fuel oil sludge Improved combustion quality and reduced PM emissions Reduced wear on engine components and reduced operational costs

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