December 4 - 6, 2019 | New Orleans, LA

John Handley Bearings

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Unit 6, Building 69
Third Avenue, Pensenett Estate
Kingswinford , West Midlands DY6 7FD
United Kingdom
Booth #329

John Handley Bearings

John Handley Bearings have designed, manufactured and brought to the marketplace their own revolutionary /take/advancement on the completely split-to-the-shaft bearing package.
Utilising cutting edge technologies to deliver unprecedented radial and axial capacities perfectly suited to the demands of the modern marine vessel.
With L-10 radial and axial lives that are multiples of the competition, the JHB units are the next generation in bearing technology.
Our range of Heavy duty BowMet bearings, manufactured in ToughMet material will also be displayed along side our capabilities on volume 3D, additive production.

Products & Services


JHB Split Roller Bearings

It has the highest radial and axial capacity of any split bearing in the world and has been designed to promote complete ease of use and flexibility. Its additive manufactured, patent-pending seals and cages are true innovations in material and design, utilising HP multi jet fusion technology and engineering grade polymers. For these reasons, and many more, the JHB Split Bearing really is… the future of split bearings!

Sealtrain® Triple Labyrinth Seals

Peak performance and long life of the roller bearing depends on keeping contaminants out of the bearing and protecting the lubricant within the housing. The lubricant not only enhances the running of the bearing but also protects the bearing surfaces from corrosion. Effective sealing and maintaining the integrity of the housing is therefore of prime importance. The JHB bearing units incorporate an inner/outer housing with a spherical ball socket which maintains the Sealtrain® multi labyrinth seals concentric with the shaft even under shaft/mounting structure misalignment. This allows the use of tight running clearances between seal and inner housing seal bore surfaces.

Rollertrain® Bearing Cage

Using engineering-grade “printable” nylon (PA11), Bowman International has developed a patented cage that utilises complex geometry unique to the 3D (additive manufacturing) process, allowing closer spacing of the rollers and incorporating 15-25% more rollers, which are also longer than existing “cap and body” designs. These additional, longer rollers provide 30%-40% higher radial capacity and can increase bearing life five-fold. This patented design is incorporated in the axial bearings, allowing for the first time calculable axial L-10 life. Bi-directional axial loads are handled independently, whilst offering greatly increased axial capacity, of up to 1000% higher than existing designs. Rollertain and Sealtrain registered trademarks of Bowman International.


The BowMet range has been billed as the biggest advance in plain bearings in more than 70 years by the industry press; and quite rightly so. This range of heavy duty bearing in ToughMet spinodal bronze offers a higher load capacity than any other proprietary plain bearing. Its heat, speed and corrosion capabilities combine to offer a heavy duty bearing that can stand up to even the harshest of conditions.

SNL and SD Housing

JHB now offers a solution where their high capacity split bearings can replace solid spherical roller bearings mounted inside SNL and SD type housings. The offering simplifies bearing replacement and maintenance on shafts with trapped bearing positions. The shaft, couplings, gearboxes and existing bearing housings need not be removed and thus, shaft alignment is not effected and downtime is reduced to an absolute minimum.

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