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Jamestown Metal Marine Sales, Inc.

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4710 NW Boca Raton Boulevard, Suite 400
Boca Raton , FL 33431
United States
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Jamestown Metal Marine Sales, Inc.

Jamestown Metal Marine Sales, Inc., having over 45 years of experience, provides complete interior and “Turnkey” packages from design to installation for Joiner, HVAC, Piping and Electrical on all types of vessels. We can provide any combination of these services to suit your project needs.

Products & Services


Engineering Services

As part of the Jamestown EPC capability, engineering is the foundation. Jamestown capabilities include: 3D modeling & composite interference checking; assistance & submittals for meeting international regulatory bodycodes; model and drawing development for FEED; Front End Engineering & Design (FEED) development; detailed engineering and production packages; specification and purchase technical specification development; structural, architectural, electrical & instrumentation, HVAC, piping & plumbing  engineering disciplines, as well as superstructure and building detailed design.

HVAC Systems

Jamestown provides complete HVAC systems for any marine product. Our HVAC group has over 100 years of marine & industrial experience. Using this knowledge benefits all projects. We incorporate equipment & components from major HVAC suppliers, as well as those that may be selected by our customer. Jamestown provides air conditioning, specialty equipment, duct cleaning, fans, heaters, ducting, dampers, louvers/ventilators, vents and grilles, refrigerant and chilled water piping, thermostats, controls and PLC controls, test and balancing, refrigerated walk-in boxes and refrigeration equipment.

Interior Outfitting

Jamestown provides and installs joiner bulkhead systems (softcore, hardcore, specialty cores and sheathing); ceiling systems (suspended and self-supporting tile, planked and specialty) offering sound reduction, fire protection, and integration with accessories; certified doors (marine and commercial) meeting safe requirements for weather, fumes, fire spread, acoustic, etc. in manual and automatic modes; flooring systems, window and glazing systems, etc.

Electrical Systems

Jamestown supplies and installs electrical outfitting, including power distribution, power control and automation equipment; lighting, light fixtures and lighting control systems; UPS systems; and wire, cable, cableways, conduit, penetrations, hangers, terminations, markings and wire way devices. Jamestown supplies and installs command, control, and other instrumentation systems, including data and telecommunications systems; entertainment systems; security systems and alarm systems; monitoring systems, including fire & gas monitoring and control systems; passenger management, etc.

Piping Systems

Jamestown provides piping systems in all materials, including, carbon steel, stainless steel, PVC, CPVC, titanium, etc. Jamestown provides all piping systems, including black water, grey water, potable water, service water, drains, utility & instrument air, fuel systems, firemain, AFFF, sprinkler systems, clean agent fire suppression systems, etc. Jamestown supplies equipment, including pumps, water systems, tanks, water heaters, strainers, filtration, valves, control valves, environmental treatment systems, etc.

Interior Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment

Jamestown supplies and installs everything for the interior FF&E of cruise ships, casinos, workboats, tankers, bulkers, commercial carriers, surface combatants, submarines, support craft, etc. The items range from tables, chairs, beds, bars, night clubs, spas, locker rooms, restrooms, storage rooms, service rooms, equipment rooms, offices, gyms, medical spaces, to art work and more.

Cabins and Wet Units

A prefabricated cabin or wet unit solution - from a mock-up to a fully assembled ready to install cabin - means shorter total construction time and an overall project cost savings. The design of the cabin units is engineered down to the smallest detail, to meet the customer's requirements in every aspect. The modules are installed as completely assembled and outfitted units. The consistent, factory-tested quality eliminates costly rework on board the vessel or living quarters and assists in ensuring on time completion.

Galley, Food & Beverage Outfitting

Jamestown provides the design, supply and installation of complete galleys and other food and beverage services for all types of marine installations. Its design staff specialist will interpret the latest rules of US Public Health, CDC and other applicable regulatory bodies and apply them to your galley needs. Jamestown is a distributor for a full range of specialized galley equipment manufacturers and will select those items that best suit your needs. We supply cabinets, dressers and workstations custom fabricated from stainless steel or other approved materials, as specified by the customer, as well as premanufactured modular refrigeration units. Jamestown has provided more refrigerated spaces on board vessels than any other contractor.

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