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InnovMarine Inc

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6501, rue Fraser
Lévis , QC G6V 3S7
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InnovMarine Inc

Products & Services

3-Way Thermostatic Control Valves

Internal-sensing, 3-way thermostatic control valves, or temperature regulators, are suitable for process control and industrial applications where fluids must be mixed or diverted depending on their temperatures. Simple to install, operate and maintain, they provide years of trouble-free, reliable temperature control without the need for external power sources. AMOT 3-Way thermostatic control valves are the perfect “fit and forget” solution in cooling, lubricating oil, heat recovery, and jacket water systems as well as water-saving and tempered water applications.

3-Way Actuated Rotary Control Valves

The external-sensing, AMOT Model G 3-way rotary control valve provides a high degree of accuracy for precise temperature control in both mixing and diverting applications over a wide flow range and a variety of fluids. The durable valve is designed to withstand high-vibration applications and is easy to maintain. Its compact, flexible design easily integrates into existing piping for a simple, drop-in solution.

Diesel Engine Safety Products

Diesel engines operating in hydrocarbon-rich environments are in danger of becoming an ignition source and need to be protected. AMOT offers complete systems to prevent diesel engine runaway in hazardous environments. Our products include air intake shut off valves, spark arrestors, flameproof alternators, and diesel fuel shut down systems. 

Metal Particle Detectors

The AMOT metal particle detector (MPD) is an in-line continuous wear debris monitor that signals the presence of metal particles in lubricating oils. The MPD alerts the operator to perform oil condition checks to determine machinery health status. Timely detection of metal particles ensures reliable machine conditions and maximizes asset availability by avoiding unnecessary downtime.

Fuel Shutoff/Air Start Valves

We have a line of rugged, compact, fast acting block-and-bleed valves for use in fuel gas shutoff and engine air start applications. The fail-safe 2-way pilot pressure operated and 2-way vented valves have a wide range of operating capacities and pressures. They can operate in a variety of environments and include NACE compliant and hazardous area approved models.

Bearing Temperature Detectors

These products provide an early warning or shutdown upon a sudden temperature rise in critical machine parts or caused by tight, worn or out-of-round bearings, tight packing glands, cracked or broken shafts, torsional vibration, power or compressor cylinder overload, lack of lubricant flow and many other sources. Avoid costly repairs caused by bearing failure.

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