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Ingersoll Rand

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1725 US 1 North
Southern Pines , NC 28387
United States
Booth #2201

Ingersoll Rand

We know the market. We have the products. Ingersoll Rand offers diverse and innovative products that help people tackle critical challenges with efficiency and speed. We offer air compressors, engine starting systems, air motors, tools, pumps and material handling solutions.

Products & Services


Air Compressors

Air Compressors Reciprocating Air Compressors When you select an Ingersoll Rand reciprocating air compressor, you've chosen a compressor that is world renowned for its quality and reliability. Engineered for high performance and efficiency, Ingersoll Rand reciprocating compressors provide easy operation, low maintainence and 100% duty cycle for a reliable air supply.  The Ingersoll Rand Twin Stack hand-carry air compressor is designed to provide power, durability and portability on the job site. From interior trim and finish, to roofing and decking, framing and sheathing or heavier construction applications, the Twin Stack can do the job. Built to last, this oil-lube compressor with a durable cast-iron cylinder is designed for the toughest 100% continuous duty applications. The Twin Stack includes a 1/4-inch universal coupler, conveniently mounted regulator and pressure gauge, 4.5-gallon twin tanks, All Season Select lubricant and a power cord.

Air Starters for small engines, SS100 series

SS100 Small engine air starters Ingersoll Rand SS100 air starters are an ideal solution on your small engine starter requirements for diesel and gas engines.

Engine Barring Motors

Engine Barring Motors Service work on diesel and gas engines is easier and safer with Ingersoll Rand B006 and T480 Series pneumatic barring motors. These highly reliable, precisely controlled motors enable you to turn engines over slowly and stop them securely for greater peace of mind and productivity. These barring motors are lightweight and portable, which means you can move them from engine to engine, or mount them permanently. Since they are powered by compressed air, these motors are well suited for field applications, hazardous environments, and are perfect solutions for all service applications.

ST1000 Air Starters

ST1000 Air Starters Ingersoll Rand series ST1000 air starters are built to operate reliably in harsh environments with proprietary wear-resistant materials and patent-pending rotor design allowing easier flow-through for airborne contaminants. For starters in the same range, these best in class feature more horsepower, more torque, consume less air or gas and are 30 percent more efficient than competitive models.

Turbine Air Starters

Turbine Air StartersThe differences between the turbine motor and the vane motor are significant. The turbine motor is lighter in weight, does not need lubrication, and has a tremendous amount of stored energy. It develops its power at extreme rotational speeds as high as 60,000 rpm. The turbine motor has an automatic speed limitation controller when in free speed, and is insensitive to moisture due to the use of the most modern composite materials.

Vane Air Starters

Vane Air Starters Ingersoll Rand vane air starters are an excellent alternative in many cases. The vane motor develops maximum horsepower at a much lower speed of 5,000 to 6,000 rpm, and it requires a small amount of lubrication for maximum life. The decreased speed of the vane motor improves bearing life, and delivers more torque per pound of weight than piston air motors.

Air Motors

Vane and Radial piston power units to supply rotational torque and power for equipment and fixtures.

Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatically powered tools, grinders, sanders, impact wrenches, angle wrenches, drills, screwdrivers to efficently complete maintenacne and production jobs and applications.

Cordless Tools

A complete line of Cordless drills, screwdrivers, impact wrenches and other battery powered equipment to perform maintenance and production jobs quickly and efficently.

Boat Building / Repair

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Propulsion / Power

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