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ICC Cable Corp.

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15005 White Rd
Gulfport , MS 39503
United States
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ICC Cable Corp.

ICC Cable is a leading supplier of world-class wires and cables manufactured to both US and International standards. Our products, including Type P, T/N, NEK 606 and low smoke zero halogen cables, meet the standards of IEEE45, P1580, UL1309, CSA2.2 No.245. We also offer a wide range of IEC off-shore marine cables and cable accessories. Most of our products are readily available and in stock.

Products & Services


IEEE 45 Shipboard Cable Type T/N, Type X

IEEE 45 Shipboard Cable: Type T/N, Type XIEEE45, IEEE P1580, UL 1309, IEEE383, IEEE1202/UL1683 Flame Test, CSA 22.2 No. 245, RHOS typeSuitable for commercial marine applicationsExcellent flame retardance, moisture resistance, sunlight resistancePVC/Nylon or XLPE insulationColor Coded to IEEE45Available in Aluminum or Bronze armorABS, USCG Approved. RHOS type

Cable Glands: Nylon/Metal/Explosion Proof

Cable Glands: Nylon/Metal/Explosion ProofExplosion Proof, Unarmored, Single (A2F)/Double (SS2K) compression, Brass with Nickel/SS316, Div. 1, NEMA 4X/6Explosion Proof, SWA (E1FW)/Wire Braid Amro (E1FX), double compression Brass with Nicke/SS316, Div. 1, NEMA 4X/6Nylon Glands, NPT/Metric Thread, IP68, Weather Resistant UV BlackCrouse-Hinds, CGB Series Non-Armored Glands, Class 1, Div. 2Single/Multi Cable Entry Gland with Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink


Low Smoke/Halogen Free & Mud Resistant Cable NEK606 NEK606(2004) IEC 60092-350,353,354,376IEC 60092-351,359 IEC 600332-3 Category A & IEC 600332-1IEC 60331 CSA C22.2 No.38(at -40oC)IEC 60754-1,2 , IEC 61034Suitable for use in commercial marine applications, MODU’s and platformExcellent flame retardant, fire resistantResistant to oil, mud, abrasion, petrochemical fluid, moisture and sunlightLow smoke and Halogen freeHigh voltage power cable(3.6/6kv, 6/10kv, 8/7/15kv)Single, three core and VFD constructionsLow voltage power & lighting cable(0.6/1kv)Instrument & communication cable(150/250v)Earthing, bonding, panel cable(0.6/1kv)Type approved by DNV(E8097~E8101)Type approved by ABS(06-BK 187816)Listed by ETL (no. 3088289)

Marine Fiber Optic Cable & LSZH LAN/Coaxial Cable

Marine Fiber Optic Cable & LSZH Lan/Coaxial CableAICILow Smoke Zero Halogen, Flame retardant, Breakout type cableArmored, Tight-buffer, 2~24 Deg. C, NEK 606, IEC 60092-353ABS, DNV ApprovedQFCI/QFCULow Smoke Zero Halogen, Flame retardant, Fire resistant cableArmored, loose tube with mica, 4~48 Deg. C, NEK 606, IEC 60092-353NEK 606 MUD resistant (QFCU)ABS, DNV ApprovedLSZH CAT6 FTP4P23AWG, IEC 61034, IEC 60754, TIA/EIA-568-B-2ABS ApprovedLSZH CAT5e S-FTP4P24AWG, Copper Wire Braid (S-FTP), IEC 61034, IEC 60754, TIA/EIA-568-B-2ABS Approved Marine Grade RG 59, RG 6/6

110°C Type P MV, HV, VFD Cable

110°C Type P MV, HV, VFD CableType P Cable – IEEE45 P1580 UL1309/CSA 22.2 no. 245 +Cables range from MV cable to Instrumentation cable. Cables range from Power cable to Instrumentation cableVFD cables up to 15kV availableLow Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Type P also availableABS Approved

Cable Ties, Banding and Mounts

Cable Ties, Banding and Mounts66 Nylon Locking Ties, 0.09" - 0.35" width, Natural/Black/Weather Resistant, UL and ABS Approved66 Nylon Marker Ties, 0.19" width available for 2" cable bundleStainless Steel Ties (Coated/Uncoated) 0.18"-0.63" width, ABS and DNV approvedStainless Steel Locking Ties (Coated/Uncoated) 0.28" and 0.47" width, ABS approvedStainless Steel Banding (Coated/Uncoated) and Buckles (1/4", 1/2", 5/8", 6/8" width), UL and ABS approvedInstallation Tools for Stainless Steel Cable Ties and BandingTie Mounts: Nylon, For use with cable tiesMound Base: Nylon 66, four way opening with adhesive backing

LSZH Shipboard Cable

LSZH Shipboard CableLSZH Type X/E CableIEEE45 P1580 UL1309/CSA 22.2Low smoke zero halogen, LSZ/LSE insulation, L/TPO jacketFlame retardant/Fire resistant LSZH cableVFD Cables up to 15kV availableABS approvedLSZH IEC Shipboard CableIEC60092-350, 353, 376IEC6092-351,359IEC60332-3 Category A & IEC 60332-1IEC60331(FS type only)IEC 60754-1,2IEC 61034 Cables range from MV cable to Instrumentation cable.Cables range from Power cable to Instrumentation cableVFD cables up to 15kV availableSuitable for use in passenger shipExcellent flame retardance/fire resistanceHalogen free, low smoke & lightweightABS, DNV, LR, BV, RINA Type Approval

Cable Lugs and Terminals

Cable Lugs and Terminals • Copper Compression Lugs, One/Two Hole,   UL and DNV approved • Non-Insulated Ring/Spade Terminal, PVC/  Nylon-Funnel Insulated Ring/Spade Terminal

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