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Ian-Conrad Bergan, LLC.

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1001 East Belmont Street
Pensacola , FL 32501
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Ian-Conrad Bergan, LLC.

Ian-Conrad Bergan, LLC. manufactures the Guard Level Liquid Cargo Gauging and Independent Level Alarm Systems for tanker vessels since 1975. Competitively priced, simple installation, intrinsically safe, type approved, stainless steel construction, accessibility from the deck, high reliability, low maintenance, extended warranties, and worldwide service are our trademark.

Products & Services


CargoRadar® 200 High Frequency

The radar system is beneficial to having no restriction to cargo type. It is adaptable to high temperatures, corrosive characteristics, and pressure. The radar is affixed to the top of the tank with a mounting flange and shoots a beam/pulse down to product and back up. This distance traveled allows the radar to “accurately” gauge product level. This level displayed on an explosion-proof MTDE, outside deck cabinet, cabinet inside Cargo Control Room.

DFG Plus & DFG Basic Barge Systems

The Digital Float gauge can provide level pressure, temperature, and alarms in a single 10” (250mm) penetration. The local display on top if the unit is lighted and continuously scrolls through temperature and level (Feet and Inches or meters). The unit is completely serviceable from the exterior of the unit and tanks. This feature prevents any exposure of cargo to the atmosphere. The DFG is capable of measuring cargo tanks at a maximum of 20M (66ft). The DFG boast a level accuracy of 5mm (1/4’’) resolution. Display: Level (Feet and Inches) and temperature of cargo at three points ios displayed on a SCU ant the tank top.  Data is sent to electronic enclosure and pressure, level, volume and temperature is displayed on either CMS Plus software up to 17” touch screen in tankerman shack and/or several explosion proof Multi tank displays (MTDE’S) located anywhere on deck.

Guard Level® DLI Digital level indicator

The digital level indicator replaces tube sight glasses for fuel tanks. Level is indicated by bright LED light. Excellent for new construction or retrofits.

Guard Level® DAC Deck Alarm Cabinet

The design of the Deck alarm cabinets are for barges that want to show independent tank alarm status on a panel located in a safe area.  Barge operators want to meet all the CFR requirements without relying on the terminal. This cabinet gives the operator a required, visual, and audible indicating tank alarm status. The DAC is powered by a 20W solar array and two 12 aH batteries. Each tank identified by a tank number labeled on the alarm panel, with associated lights and horns for indication of high or overfill alarm. The operator has an acknowledgement button to silence alarms, power fail indications to tell them to switch to power fail battery. This unit is one of the most important pieces of equipment of the barge for safety of the personnel and the environment. This unit saves on maintenance cost associated with tracing down a open switch or stuck float.

Guard Level® Fuel Management System

 We designed the Fuel Management System to give the Vessel operators and owners’ accurate accounting of their fuel, gained and expended. Sensors (DFG) are located in all fuel tanks and the day tank. We recommend a flow meter or the Transfer station to account for fuel transferred from the fuel tanks to the barge or another vessel. Levels are converted to volume in/out and onboard. FMS is equipped with GPS and iridium to allow for location tracking and wireless transfer of fuel reports from the boat to disclosed location either owner or customer. Levels are displayed in Engine room on Bergan dashboard and in pilothouse on main PC as an icon. FMS requires little interface with captain/pilot for trips, fuel transfer start and stop times. The Main PC screen for FMS can be displayed in Chief Engineer’s location if needed as an option.

Guard Temp®BCTU

The Barge Cargo Temperature Unit (BCTU) provides an opportunity to take temperature readings of your product without “hand-dipping” temperature probe into the cargo tank. This function eliminates dirty rags, product spills on deck, and wasted time on cleanup.  The Barge Cargo Temperature Unit (BCTU), with its own DRY thermal wells is fitted with temperature sensors. The temperature  of the product/cargo  are read with a Portable “Hand Carried” Temperature display unit (PTDU). The PTDU is placed on top of BCTU junction box and temperature displayed for as many as three points.

Guard Valve® VCU Valve Control Unit

The Valve Control Unit is a manual “Valve Position” indicator for Open, Closed or throttled. Our design is the ONLY valve position indicator that can be viewed at any position on the barge. The open/closed is designated with reflective colored material. The reflectivity allows the valve position to be determined at nighttime from a distance. A GREEN flag identifies the open position and a RED flag indentifies the closed position. The valve “open to closed” turn ratio is engineered into the manufacturing travel distance of each flag.

Guard Level®Weather Deck Horns and Strobes

This set satisfies High level and Overfill audible and visual alarm requirements on deck. The Horns and lights are colored to match alarm function.  Yellow for High level and Red for Overfill. These are displayed on weather deck at a position seen by operations. Once an alarm is activated, the Horns and Strobes indicate to crew that you have loaded to an alarm condition.

Guard Level ® 07324 AMU, Alarm Monitoring Unit

The AMU provides a method for alarm Indication by tank for indoor use. AMU Cards display tank and alarm condition. It includes access to system power on/off, and to acknowledge alarms while controlling external signals. Built in power fail, dual horn for High/Overfill alarms notifies operator of Alarm and/or loss of power to the system.

Guard Level®CMS Plus, Cargo Monitoring Software

CMS Plus provides a well lit “easy to read” touch screen to display tank loading, storage and discharge conditions. Screen can be set up to display the functions and tanks you want to monitor, providing accurate tank conditions. Operator can build the screen to their particular load and tank ship functions.

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