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HYDAC Technology Corporation is a global engineering company pursuing the science, design, manufacture, and application of hydraulics and electronics. We have over 9000 employees developing and integrating the technology that energizes, senses, controls, actuates, cools, cleans, and lubricates the world’s next generation of marine, off-road, and industrial machinery. HYDAC piston accumulators absorb energy to calm the pitch and roll of the sea in motion compensation systems. HYDAC bladder accumulators store energy for applications like powering a BOP to close off a well during an emergency. HYDAC cylinders steer ships and power ramps, hatches, deck cranes, A-frames, & davits. HYDAC hydraulic valves control winches, cranes, and conveyors. HYDAC fuel and gas filtration clean diesel fuel and natural gas to power engines and turbines. HYDAC filtration removes water, particulates, varnish, and air from lube and hydraulic oils. HYDAC water filtration automatically separates contaminants from ballast water before it is discharged. HYDAC electronic sensors measure pressure, temperature, and flow with approvals from ABS & DNV/GL, are suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres, and underwater at the surface or ocean floor.

Products & Services


Sensors for Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

Pressure, temperature, flow transmitters, and transducers developed foruse in potentially explosive atmospheres in maritime, oil & gas, & bulkmaterial handling applications including classed vessels. ATEX, CSA, IECEx Flameproof, Intrinsically Safe, Subsea, HART Interface. ABS, DNV/GL, Lloyds, & BV Approved. Marine & offshore applications include: gas turbines, compressors,deck equipment, dry-bulk material conveyors, hydraulic systems, mooringsystems, blow-out preventers (BOP), & valve actuator stations.  

Marine Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

Widely used on workboats, cruise ships, freighters, container ships, & dredging. Applications include: Hatch Covers,A-frames,Cranes,Davit Systems for Lifeboats,Doors, Loading Ramps,Fin Stabilizers,Retractable Thrusters,Heave Compensation,Steering/Rudder,Jack-Up rigs,Dredges & Scow Barges. Options include: 100% Stainless steel construction, special coatings for piston rods that must be corrosion resistant in saline environments,low friction,load holding,dithering, & subsea sealing systems,rod position sensors,valve manifolds,internal/external accumulators,marine protective finish coatings & ABS, DNV/GL, BV, Lloyds, CCS. Worldwide service & general overhauls. ISO 9001.


We offer standard & custom accumulators for hydraulics & process systems. Energy storage,motion compensation,pipeline damping,& shock absorption.ASME,PED,& offshore approvals are our standards. Stainless steel, carbon steel,offshore coatings,& ABS & DNV/GL type approved classification.Fluid Side Safety Blocks,Gas Side Safety Blocks,Rupture Discs & Assemblies,Ball Valves,Block & Bleed Valves,Valve Stands, & Needle Valve assemblies.American made with manufacturing of marine & offshore accumulators & stands in Houston, TX.ISO 9001. 

Automatic Ballast Water Filtration

To protectharbors and waterways from pollution and invasive species, HYDAC ballast watertreatment systems are regarded by many as the most efficient and reliable inshipbuilding. Across the globe HYDAC has gained a reputation as being one ofthe world’s leading producers of ballast water filters. With its own productionsites in Europe, China, Korea and India and a global distributor and servicenetwork, HYDAC is especially well equipped for the increasing demand in theAsian markets.  The product rangeincludes filters for all types of ships – ships with large ballast watercapacities such as VLCCs and tankers. Our AutoFilt® RF14 complies with DNVGL rules for classification – Ships Pt. 4 Ch.7 Pressure equipment. Certificate No:TAP00001U2

Electro-Hydraulic Control Valves

HYDAC Main& Auxiliary Function Sectional Valves–Integrated Circuit Design Services–Sub Plate Valves-Cartridge Valves, & Custom Hydraulic Valve Manifoldsare a smart choice for marine applications. Function specific precision groundspools,long throws, & densely wound HYDAC solenoid coils provide smooth & precise control;especially for booms. Valves operators are proportional, on/off, pilot, or manually operated& can be used with fixed or variable displacement pumps in open, closed, orload sense configurations. Applications include cranes,a-frames,davits,dredging functions,winches,doors,ramps, & hatch covers.      

Electronic Machine Control

Makes automating machinery easy. Providemachine logic design, programming, & training services. Hardware includes controllers, I/O modules, telematics,sensors, CANBUS fluid condition monitoring instruments & HMI displays designedfor rugged off-road environments. Software is Codesys or C based to provide a range of programming optionsfrom the simplest drag and drop functions to sophisticated motion control. HYDAC MATCH software is revolutionary in thetime it saves.  For machinery beingexported outside the US, HYDAC TTControls is the Global leader in FunctionalSafety!    

Boat Building Supplies

  • Gauges

Deck Machinery / Hardware / Equipment

  • Hydraulics

Electrical Systems & Components

  • Electrical Equipment

Fuel / Lubricants

  • Filtration & Separation

Pollution Control / Environmental Services

  • Cleaning Systems
  • Sanitation / Waste Water Systems
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