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Humphree USA Inc

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103 Dixon Street
Selbyville De , DE 19975
United States
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Humphree USA Inc

The worlds leading manufacturer of Interceptor and Fin systems for Stabilization, Active Ride Control and, Automatic Trim and List Control. We manufacture system for planing and semi-planning vessels ranging from 35′ to 400′.

Products & Services


Humphree Interceptor and Fin Systems

Stabilization Systems utilizing Interceptors and Fins

Boat Control Systems

All Humphree Boat Control Systems are used together with the innovative Humphree Interceptor trim tabs and fin systems to offer different levels of automatic functions to improve your boat dynamics and performance.

ACTIVE - Ride Control

Our most advanced boat control system. Automatic control of trim and list with full motion damping.The fast electric actuated interceptors are controlled by our most advanced control system “ACTIVE” to counteract the wave induced roll- and pitch motions of a vessel to improve on board comfort and operability of the vessel.The Active system features our RCU(Ride Control Unit) that comprises an advanced digital controller with unique adaptive control algorithms and incorporating an integral state-of-the-art Gyro measuring 3D rate of turn and accelerations.

Exhaust Fin System

Humphree Exhaust Fin offers improved course stability and excellent control of exhaust gas back pressure. The base ventilated fin combined with an interceptor makes it possible to reach the optimal exhaust gas back pressure for the specific engine. The deep wake enhances the transport of exhaust gases and offers excellent damping of exhaust gas noise resulting in improved comfort board. Humphree Exhaust Fin offers: Optimum exhaust gas back pressureReduced noiseImproved transport of exhaust gasesImproved course keeping and manoeuvring characteristicsIncreased passenger comfort

Boat Building / Repair

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Boat Building Supplies

  • Stabilization Systems
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