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Hempel Coatings

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Hempel Coatings

Since 1915 Hempel has been a world-leading coatings specialist, providing protection and inspiration to the world around us. Today we have over 5,500 people in 80 countries delivering trusted solutions in the protective, decorative, marine, container, industrial and yacht markets.

Hempel is proudly owned by the Hempel Foundation, which supports cultural, humanitarian and scientific causes across the world.

Products & Services


Hempadur Spray-Guard 35490

Hempadur Spray-Guard 35490 is a heavy duty coating designed to withstand the effects of some of the most severe environments. The product is ideally suitable in deck areas including heli-decks, main decks and drill floors, as well as jetty pilings and splash zones. Provides excellent anticorrosive protection and anti-skid properties. Highly resistant to impact and abrasion. 100% Volume Solids means zero solvent emissions to the environment. Hempadur Spray-Guard can be top-coating with polyurethane for easier cleaning or application in corporate colors. The product can be used on steel or concrete surfaces.


Hempasil X3 is an innovative biocide free fouling control coating based on Hempel’s hydrogel technology and silicone.The hydrogel tricks fouling organisms into perceiving the hull as a liquid instead of a solid surface, greatly hindering their ability to settle on the surface. The hydrogel layer is effectively backed up by the silicone, known for its self-cleaning properties. The result is less drag in the water and lower fuel consumption – giving you a more efficient fleet and a superb return on your investment. When it comes to reducing fuel consumption X3 is the leading fouling-release solution. Not only does X3 reduce fuel consumption by 5% on average over the entire service interval, but also cuts associated CO2 emissions. Hempasil X3can be used on any type of marine vessel. Hempel’s Fouling Release coatings can be applied on existing antifouling and fouling release coatings.


Hempel’s Antifouling OLYMPIC HI is a tin-free ablative antifouling. Due to its self-renewing effect, this product maintains a continually bio-active surface during its entire service life. This ultimately results in a highly-effective antifouling process and protection to the entire hull of the vessel. OLYMPIC HI-76600 performs globally and in all types of waters wherever the vessel is sailing. It is a tin-free antifouling and IMO compliant.

Hempadur Quattro XO 17820

Quattro XO is a universal pure epoxy primer with 80% volume solids that is tough, long lasting and equally effective on all main areas of a ship including the underwater hull and ballast tanks. Features: Excellent resistance to abrasion and sea water. IMO PSPC compliant for Water ballast tank protection. All year application down to -10°C/14°F to 45°C/113°F. Primer and intermediate coat. Short drying time. Easy application. Quattro XO is available with different levels of fiber pigments for reinforcement and/or aluminium pigments for enhanced corrosion protection.

Hempaguard X7

HEMPAGUARD® is a new, groundbreaking Fouling Defence solution from Hempel based on patented ActiGuard® technology. HEMPAGUARD® has undergone rigorous testing in aggressive waters with no visible fouling. Other tests have shown a remarkable absence of fouling on hull areas coated with HEMPAGUARD® compared with the surrounding conventional antifouling coatings.HEMPAGUARD® is a cost effective fouling defence coating for docking intervals up to 90 months. The combination of low friction and effective biocide makes it suitable for any trading pattern as well as extended idle time for the vertical sides and flat bottom of most ship types. On top of that you can expect fuel savings 6% on average.HEMPAGUARD® is a an extremely effective Fouling Defence coating range based on a unique combination of silicone hydrogel and effective biocide. It is recommended for any type of vessel with any trading pattern, at any speed as well as for extended idle time.

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