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Helm Operations

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Helm Operations

Helm Operations is the creator of Helm CONNECT, which has become the world’s fastest-growing marine software platform since its launch in 2016. Today, more than 195 companies rely on Helm CONNECT to manage vessel maintenance, compliance, operations, and personnel management including seven of North America’s top ten marine operators. We recently celebrated our 20th anniversary and passed the major milestone of 4,000 vessels now using our software platform!

Come and visit us to see why Helm CONNECT is the industry leading software platform, and grab a pair of our famous Helm socks while you’re at it!

Products & Services


Helm CONNECT Maintenance

Unplanned maintenance and break fixes aren’t just annoying, they can also damage your reputation with customers and ultimately affect your profitability. Reacting fast to an unplanned issue is crucial. Helm CONNECT Maintenance can reduce maintenance expenses and increase the life and performance of your equipment by standardizing and improving your maintenance routines. Track the full maintenance history for each asset or piece of equipment. Ensure your vessels stay within regulatory compliance by organizing all planned maintenance tasks in one centralized system and be well prepared for both internal and external audits.Helm CONNECT Maintenance was developed to mitigate unplanned breakdowns and to develop consistent, efficient maintenance routines. 

Helm CONNECT Compliance

With Helm CONNECT Compliance, all of your compliance problems become a thing of the past. Your crew will never fill out out-dated material again. The creation and management of corrective actions are integrated and are automatically tracked by the system so you can close the loop and never have anything fall through the cracks again. What’s more, with Helm CONNECT, everything is stored in one place, so it’s easy to present an auditor with your findings, no matter what they ask for, making their audits more efficient and boosting your company’s reputation for compliance.

Helm CONNECT Personnel

With Helm CONNECT Personnel, maintaining a certified workforce is easy. Most certification storage systems, like Excel or a paper-based filing system, lack the ability to notify you when certifications are coming due. With Helm CONNECT Personnel you can enter all of your crew information plus receive reminders for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or even a custom amount of days before any cert expires. So you'll never have to worry about remembering when another cert is coming due. Plus you can even upload all of the digital versions of your certs into Helm CONNECT. 

Helm CONNECT Inventory

A more powerful system to track part inventories across your assets and manage purchase orders, and developing that system has been our number one priority. Gain access to both onboard and shore versions of our new Inventory dashboard, so you can quickly see current parts estimates for each vessel and across your fleet. You can also track part consumption on individual tasks, as well as through inventory counts and your onshore and onboard inventory dashboards. 


Schedule your assets to perform work requested bycustomers.  Manage multiple divisionssuch as ship assist, bunkering, and ocean towing within the same system.  Track all necessary details against work, communicatewith the vessels, and automatically generate billing from job details alreadystored in Helm.  Access reports andhistorical information in an easily configurable format with dynamic access formore advance reporting and analytics.

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