December 4 - 6, 2019

Harken Industrial

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Harken Industrial

Harken Industrial manufactures a wide range of efficient, durable & lightweight load-handling & safe access solutions for the commercial marine industry. Our products are suitable for inshore, offshore, coastal & short-sea applications including many that assist with Sub Chapter M Compliance.

Our strong & low-friction products have been designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions; making your work on boats safer and easier. Our diverse range product applications include: MOB rescue/recovery, fall protection, human suspension, casualty transfer, rigging, lifting and load positioning.

Harken Industrial’s approach to taking the weight, friction & effort out of operations means equipment is more mobile, workers are safer & more agile. Harken Industrial helps users maximize productivity by completing their work safely, efficiently & on time. These advantages translate into huge safety increases & major benefits to the bottom line.

Headquartered in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, Harken Industrial manufactures in the USA and Italy with distribution in 29 countries.

Products & Services


Harken Industrial™ Access Rail System

The Harken Industrial™ Access Rail System is designed for use as an adjustable anchorage point for rope access and fall arrest. It provides the operator with freedom of linear movement at height and the ability to lock into position while working.Lightweight trolleys are constructed of strong, one-piece hardcoat or clear-anodized aluminum to resist corrosion. An adjustable pinstop allows low-maintenance ball bearing trolleys to be moved along the rail and then locked securely into a new position. The Access Rail can be mounted in three horizontal planes. A wheel toggle attachment can realize angles of 90 degrees for greater maneuverability.27 mm & 32 mm sizes. Independently tested and CE certified under EN795.2012 Type B/D, ANSI Z359,OSHA compliant.

Oceanic Cable Blocks

Harken Industrial™ Oceanic Cable Blocks are used on research vessels to safely lead data cable and towed objects overboard. At only 19.3 kg (42.5 lb) the 500 mm (20") sheave diameter block is light enough to align to the load, optimizing cable tracking. The sheave’s groove detailing can be designed to suit specific data cable diameters.The block’s wide throat allows passage of data cable terminals. The sheave’s durable, lightweight Nylatron® material has high mechanical stiffness, resists static electricity, and has excellent wear resistance. Plastic isolators and helicoils are used to minimize corrosion between aluminum and stainless steel. The block is designed to work with an optional magnetic Hall Effect Sensor. Linear speed is 60 m/min (196 ft/min).Available in 500 mm (20"), 775 mm (30.5"), and custom sizes.

TR31 Tight Radius Rail and Trolley System

The Harken Industrial™ TR31 continuous rail and trolley system allows a crew member to move freely along the rail during inspection and maintenance, or when assisting in pilot transfer, while fully harnessed and safely tethered to the trolley.Rails are composed of straight or curved sections that change direction in both horizontal or vertical planes, allowing trolleys to run exceptionally smoothly around very tight radii and joints. Rails can be surface or stanchion mounted, and are designed so the user never has to unhook or rehook the tether while moving around the deck. The system conforms to EN 795.2012 Type B/D. It also meets ANSI Z359 and is OSHA compliant.Trolleys tested to 1200 kg (2645 lb); complies with 2x MCA requirements. Compact for minimum intrusion on narrow decks and restricted work areas. Multidirectional load bearing. Anodized for corrosion resistance.Straight rails have a 1.3 m unsupported span and can be bent to a minimum 350 mm radius.

LokHead™ Personnel-Hoisting Capstan Winch

This innovative personnel-hoisting capstan winch is designed for confined-space retrieval or for use with davit systems using an unlimited length of fiber rope. It has a portable mount, or it can be fix-mounted. The captive head allows the winch to be used safely and keeps the rope from accidentally releasing. The LokHead™ winch is easy to rig, efficient, and makes the most of the operator’s strength. The winch offers two gears: 15:1 for low-load/high-speed use and 40:1 for higher load applications. A reliable braking system controls descent.Mounting plate and tripod adapter are also available. The self-tailing LokHead can be incorporated into a tripod design without significantly increasing the overall weight. It weighs just 4.2 kg (9.3 lb).The winch is designed for use with fiber rope 10-12.7 mm (3/8-1/2").The winch can be driven manually with the provided B10AL handle. Alternatively, use a compatible power drill with the power tool adaptor to drive the winch.

SBL (Strong But Light) Snatch Pulleys

The SBL (Strong But Light) snatch pulleys from Harken Industrial™ are the ultimate in power-to-weight efficiency, maximizing the benefits of fiber rope within a safer, more ergonomic working environment. Weighing less than 25% of comparable pulleys, they make light work of rigging and deployment. Even the largest pulley,with a breaking load of 931 kN (210,000 lb) weighs only 22.5 kg (50 lb). Hardcoat-anodized aluminum sheaves are highly corrosion resistant. They run on high-efficiency composite bearings to reduce rope wear. Side-opening plates allow the pulleys to be rigged easily. The soft-attachment system eliminates heavy swivels and shackles.Use SBL snatch pulleys for towing, mooring, pulling, buoy recovery, and lifting.Three sizes: 12T, 25T, 50T; rope diameter up to 25 mm (1”).

C-Hero® Man Overboard Rescue System

A portable easy-to-operate lightweight man overboard rescue system designed for work boats and barges – developed by an experienced tugboat captain – that can be operated by one or two crew members. The C-Hero® system has a proven three-minute underway MOB recovery.The intuitive system provides quick recovery of conscious or unconscious persons. When deployed, the strap on the Vertical Rescue 12 Pole goes over the persons in the water and then under their arms for a vertical recovery. Crew members stay safe onboard during the process. To be used with the C-Hero Rescue Davit, sold separately, or with your boat’s anchor-handling davit.The Rescue Davit quickly attaches to a bitt on a boat. The davit is light enough for one person to retrieve and carry into position. A single person on deck can hoist a 158.8 kg (350 pound) person aboard using the included Radial winch.The C-Hero system is manufactured by Harken Industrial™ in Wisconsin.

Riggers Winch

The Riggers Winch provides the user with a lightweight, CE certified, portable winch mounted to a robust adaptor plate. It’s simple to use and ideal for diverse applications such as load positioning and pontoon positioning. Offered in two sizes, the single-speed 200 model weighs only 4 kg (8 lb) and has a maximum rated load of 2 kN (440 lb). The two-speed 500 model weighs just 7 kg (15.4 lb). Its maximum rated load of 5 kN (1100 lb) maximizes operator pulling power by up to 40 times.  Winches feature 17-4 PH stainless steel load-carrying gears and pins for strength and durability. The unique drum design maximizes grip on the rope. Packages include a universal mounting plate, Harken 10" winch handle, and Harken winches 40.2 (500 model) or 20 (200 model). The winch is designed for use with fiber rope up to 12 mm (1/2") in diameter, reducing weight and allowing alignment of the load.

Purchase Systems

Harken Industrial™ purchase systems increase operation strength, providing low-friction pulling power in a wide variety of pulling/lifting operations. Systems can be used on their own, or easily combined with an existing system for tensioning, deviation, or life raft recovery. Purchase systems are supplied prereeved and fully assembled. The securing knot is sealed to prevent irreparable damage to the system.Harken ball bearing cam cleats hold rope securely and release easily under load. The cam’s V-shape guides rope for easy entry.Delrin® ball bearings provide low-friction, easy rope release under load. Ball bearings are UV-stabilized for maximum protection.To clean, simply flush pulleys with fresh water.CE certified under EN 113157 (Machinery Directive). The 6:1 purchase system has a maximum rated loat of 1.47 kN (330 lb), while the 4:1system has a maximum rated load of 2 kN (445 lb).

Adjustable Seat Rail System

The  Adjustable Seat Rail System from Harken Industrial™ is specifically designed for the marine environment, giving you a flexible cockpit layout with fast, hassle-free reconfiguration. Seats are mounted on four trolleys that run on two parallel rails. Two of the trolleys have pinstops that fit onto the holes in the rails. Two trolleys are freesliding. To adjust the trolley location, simply raise the two pinstops and slide to a new location. The trolleys are strong. They tested to more than 20 kN (25kN for the 27 mm rail). They are adaptable. They can be fitted to dive tank racks, weapons racks, deck boxes, etc. They have minimum intrusion on the cockpit sole. They are made of black hardcoat-anodized aluminum for maximum corrosion resistance.

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