December 4 - 6, 2019

Great Lakes Industrial Automation

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Girard , PA 16417
United States
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Great Lakes Industrial Automation

GLiA will be demonstrating a unique Automated Ballast Tank Control and Monitoring Solution for upgrading and optimizing legacy equipment and systems that ensure U.S. Coast Guard regulations compliance while decreasing OPEX by protecting and extending asset life and eliminating manual operation.

Integrity, Competency and Know-How
GLiA is driven by a single principle: integrity. This perspective makes us an ideal partner for organizations that appreciate long-term value over just low acquisition costs. We utilize only quality equipment, parts and support.

Owners/Operators and Shipbuilders continually face ever-changing disruptive marketplace forces, making it tough to remain successful and profitable. From the accelerating rate of technological change to shrinking work forces to operational challenges, we understand the increasing pressures that you’re facing.

We won’t settle for less and neither should our customers. This commitment to quality means never cutting corners. It’s a principle that continually adds lasting value, and delivers ongoing savings under a variety of operational profiles over a multi-decade lifecycle.

Products & Services


Ballast Control and Monitoring Systems

Our ballast tank control and monitoring solutions can be taken beyond the traditional manual remote-control systems by including automatic transfer, emptying and integration.

Machinery and Equipment Monitoring

GLiA solutions cover all monitoring and control functions from basic alarm and monitoring to remote control of machinery units and related auxiliaries. Includes functions for manual and automatic remote control of pumps and valves, controller loops, control of machinery units and critical equipment

Boat Building / Repair

  • Automation

Boat Building Supplies

  • Monitoring Systems

Computer / Software / Internet

  • Computers / Internet / Software

Electrical Systems & Components

  • Electrical Equipment
  • Electrical Systems & Components

Electronics / Communications

  • Electronics / Communications

Pollution Control / Environmental Services

  • Ballast Water Treatment Systems

Propulsion / Power

  • Engine Monitoring Systems
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