December 4 - 6, 2019

Governor Control Systems, Inc. Gulf Office

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2022 Tamvest Court
Mandeville , LA 70448
United States
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Governor Control Systems, Inc. Gulf Office

Authorized Woodward, KRAL, Basler, Horner Automation, Auto-Maskin, Ingersoll Rand, Dynalco, Spinner. Safety certified. 24/7 service from LA, FL, WA, VA: Woodward Governor mechanical/electronic controls, repairs, maintenance, overhaul, upgrades, installation, commissioning, tech support, training.
Factory-trained authorized specialists: Woodward Governors / Actuators / Control / Safety Systems, KRAL Fuel Measurement, Basler AVRs & Excitation, Horner Automation All-In-One Controllers, Auto-Maskin Diesel Engine Control and Monitoring Panels, Ingersoll Rand Air Starters, Dynalco Instrumentation, DCL Emissions Controls, and Spinner II Oil Cleaning Centrifuges. 4 Repair & Service centers: Gulf Coast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Pacific Northwest, cover US, Caribbean and worldwide. Certified Regulateurs Europa, Zexel – Diesel Kiki hydraulic and mechanical governors. Retrofit outdated controls with safe, modern, integrated electronic controls – simplify maintenance, improve reliability, reduce costs. Replacement parts for Gerhardt adapters and custom designs for specific applications.

Products & Services


WOODWARD PG-EG Hydraulic Powered Electric Actuator

Designed for diesel engines, Woodward PG-EG actuators provide the advantages of electronic control with the convenience of the existing PG-type drive and linkage. Recommended for unattended starts. PG-EG converts electrical input signal into a proportional hydraulic output shaft position to control engine fuel flow.  Service, repair, exchanges.


The Woodward 733 and easYgen Controls manage and control reciprocating engines (gas, diesel or dual fuel).  Monitors and controls for marine propulsion and power generation. Class approved. Flexible, Customizable. Designed to be mounted inside a cabinet or directly on the engine the 733 control withstands high temperatures and vibrations. Expandable hardware/software, powerful PC, CAN networking distributed control, local configuration port.

GCS Mobile Governor Test Stand

GCS Mobile Governor Test Stand for emergency governor / actuator calibration & troubleshooting in the field.  For Woodward, Heinzmann, Regulateurs Europa, Zexel - Diesel Kiki governors. A factory-trained GCS technician arrives on-site ready to service critical governors and actuators. Verify governor operation/functionality per OEM specification. Lightweight, modular design fits in two (2) small cases for easy shipping or airline check-in, adapts to most governors and actuators, Units may be powered from a variety of industry outlets: 220 vac single-phase 60 Hz.


Woodward PGA Governor: a pressure compensated, hydraulic governor that uses an air signal to establish the engine speed setting of the governor. Service, repair, exchanges.

Basler Automatic Voltage Regulators & Excitation Systems

Reliable, high performance analog and digital Basler AVRs and Excitation Systems: DECS250, 400 AVRs and ECS-2100 Excitation System service and retrofits. Improve and optimize generator system performance for any application • Prime power or emergency back-up power • Flexible and reliable • High performance, rugged hardware

KRAL Volumeters - Fuel Consumption Measurement for Diesel Engines and OpDAQ HMI

KRAL Fuel Consumption Measurement Systems (FCM) are ideally suited for marine and power generation fuel measurement. Fuel consumption value is an indicator of optimum engine tuning. Reducing speeds of ocean-going vessels and improved engine tuning can save as much as 10% on fuel. KRAL FCM Systems are reliable regulatory monitoring devices to document fuel usage for emissions control air permit reports.In conjunction with KRAL, an OpDAQ OP-HMI can be used as a cost-effective ship monitoring solution; collecting and displaying ship speed and fuel consumption in relation to rpm and power output. A voyage performance report, sent by email, transforms the collected data into actionable information.  Sea trial data can also be exported in CSV format to conduct an assessment and analysis of new technologies and routing methods. 

Spinner II Oil-Cleaning Centrifuges

Spinner II Oil-Cleaning Centrifuges remove both large and fine particulate from oil, provide the oil-cleaning power to reduce operating costs and extend service life of heavy-duty engines. Remove soot & fine contaminants, simple to service, rugged construction, dependable, trouble-free performance.


Genset Control for Complex Breaker Applications Drop-in replacement for previous generation easYgen-3000 Series controlsNumerous inputs and outputs plus modular software structure.Controls up to 32 gensets connected in a network with automatic sequencingSimple or complex paralleling: stand-by, AMF, peak shaving, import-export, cogeneration or distributed generation, isolated, island, mains and multiple unit mains parallel operations.Available without display in a rugged metal housing.   

Ingersoll Rand Air Starters

Ingersoll Rand air starters are flexible, efficient alternatives to electric sources. They create sheer power from the natural environment, and are perfect for a wide range of industrial, marine and automotive applications. Ingersoll Rand offers well over 200 cataloged models of vain and turbine air starters with an extensive range of options.

Auto-Maskin Diesel Engine Controls

Marine Pro 200 & 400 SeriesThe Marine Pro 200 is a complete series of engine control panels for use in the engine room or remotely in the wheelhouse. The display version is a 5.7” daylight-capable touch screen with IP56 environmental protection front and rear. All I/O channels are configurable as inputs or outputs and with the user configurable display screens this makes the Marine Pro a great solution. Modern communications interfaces are used to provide flexible connectivity via J1939 CANbus, ethernet or Modbus RTU.The Marine Pro 400 series is continuing the long tradition of providing a cost-effective, simple, easy-to-install and classification certified equipment to the marine engine market globally. This series improves on the Marine Plus 300 series to provide a clearer color 5.7” display and better connectivity making control and troubleshooting easier and simpler, extending the life of your system..

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