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Glosten is a full-service consulting firm of naval architects, marine engineers, electrical engineers, ocean engineers, and production engineers. The company has provided engineering services to the marine industry for over 60 years, integrating advanced analysis with practical, experience-based design. From the design of an ice-capable ASD harbor tug to the first all-electric vehicle ferry conversion in the US, Glosten’s diverse capabilities span every sector of the industry.

Products & Services


HT-67 Harbor Tug

Developed with input from experienced towboat operators, the Glosten HT-67 is designed for versatility of service in inland and near coastal waters.  Pairing this ‘harbor-size’ hull with a powerful 1500 horsepower ASD propulsion system imparts the HT-67 with exceptional barge handling capabilities (whether pushing ahead or working alongside) and a responsive character ideal for light ship work in confined areas. Outfitted with a tow winch and pin box/roller assembly (optional), this tug can tow astern as efficiently as a conventionally shafted tug of equal horsepower, and handle barges unassisted on arrival and departure. The propulsion engines can be either Cummins QSK19-M, 750 hp at 1,800 rpm or MAN LE 434, 750 hp at 1,800 rpm.  Both engines are EPA Tier 3 compliant.    

Emergency Vessel Attachment & Towing System

Glosten, with support from Samson Rope Technologies, has developed an emergency towing solution designed to reduce risks associated with the use of conventional systems, and increase the probability of establishing and maintaining a secure connection in heavy weather.  EVATSTM was designed to address safety and reliability concerns associated with conventional methods of connecting to the bow of a disabled vessel.  It achieves this goal by integrating design features such as:  distribution of line loads over multiple attachment points on the foc'sle deck; rapid deployability / recoverability; and compatibility with covered foc'sles.

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Demo

Glosten assisted California Engineering Contractors with the marine aspects of the demolition of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, reversing the construction process by disassembling sections of the span and demolishing them on land. Glosten selected the barges capable for the job, determined how to safely configure them, designed the span support structure, and analyzed the stability of the barges during loadout, transport, and dismantling. Additionally, the project team determined wind/current conditions, towing configuration and limitations, and mooring design to maintain the vessel position during span lowering. Glosten also provided on-site support for the lift off and/or lowering of bridge spans.

Liquefied Ammonia AT/B Barge Harvest

Glosten was pleased to support Vigor with its construction of Harvest – the first liquefied gas carrier of its type built in in the US in over thirty years.  The unmanned Articulated Tug Barge (AT/B) is designed to carry 22,000 tons of anhydrous ammonia, and was constructed for a subsidiary of Savage Companies to support the operations of Tampa Port Services, LLC, a subsidiary of The Mosaic Company.  To meet a firm delivery schedule, Glosten managed regulatory approvals and performed functional design, production detailing, and construction engineering concurrent with construction.

HT-60 Harbor Tug

The Glosten HT-60 is the smallest of their Harbor Series tugs, designed for versatility and capability in a compact package.  The vessel is designed to capitalize on the many operating advantages afforded by a broad bow form with a semi-raised foc'sle deck, and full visibility and control from a single operating station in the pilothouse. It features a steel hull and house, with single curvature hull plates for ease of construction.  Ice capability is available upon request.

MP-80 Multi-Purpose Vessel

Glosten recently developed the MP-80, the first in their new Multi-Purpose series.  Outfitting the MP-80 with a straight-shafted, triple-screw propulsion system allowed Glosten to combine low operating draft with a brawny 2200 hp, EPA Tier 3 power plant.  The result is a rugged and extremely versatile work platform capable of any number of nearshore job functions.  Whether it’s towing and anchor handling or project cargo loadouts and in-water installations, the MP-80 is a shallow-water workboat in a league of its own.

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