December 4 - 6, 2019

Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding

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1 Riverside Avenue
P.O. Box 300
Somerset , MA 02726-0300
United States
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Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding

Since 1955 Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding, Duclos Corporation, of Somerset, Massachusetts has designed and built more than 400 high quality commercial vessels of all types and materials, which include traditional and high-speed Passenger Vessels, Pilot Boats, Patrol Boats, Tug Boats and Research Vessels.

Products & Services


ASD Tugs

ASD TugsIn 1977 Gladdign-Hearn built the first Azimuthing Stern Drive tug in America for Wilmington Tug. Since that time Gladding-Hearn has built 4 ADS's for Wilmington Tug.

Fast Ferries

Fast FerriesGladding-Hearn recently delivered two 150 passenger 29 knot fast ferries tp the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority for year round commuter service in greater Boston Harbor. 


FerriesSince 1987, Gladding-Hearn has teamed with Incat-Crowther Designs of Sydney, Australia to produce more than 35 successful high-speed catamaran ferries. With designs ranging from 10 to 75 meters, no other U.S. builder can offer the same level of experience in high speed ferries.

High Speed Ferries

High Speed FerriesThe Provincetown II operates on a 60 mile Ocean route from Boston to Provincetown MA. This 30 meter 150 passenger 30 knot fast ferry offers economy and excellent seakeeping.

Passenger Vessels

Passenger VesselsAfter more than 50 years years, Circle Line Sightseeing at 42nd St chose Gladding-Hearn to build three new 600 passenger sightseeing vessels for thier fleet.

Patrol Boats

Patrol BoatsGladding Hearn revieved an order for 64 foot Screeing Escort Vessels from the US Navy. A Hunt Design these high capable patrol boats are operated by the USCG for the Stratgic Weapons program.

Pilot Boats

Pilot BoatsThe Gladding-Hearn Pilot Boat is the vessel of choice for more pilot organizations around the United States than any other builder.  Teamed with Hunt Design, Gladding-Hearn offers high quality deep-vee Pilot Boats ranging from 40 to 100 feet.

Research Vessels

Research VesselsThe third of the Roger Long Designed "Challenger Class" Coastal research Vessels, the Tioga has set a new standard for capability the efficiency for small research vessels.

Tug Boats

Tug Boats In 1977 Gladding-Hearn built TINA, which we believe to be America's first steerable Z-drive tractor tug. Since then we have delivered two larger more powerful docking tugs to Wilmington Tug and Launch, Inc. Below is a brief specification describing the latest and most powerful of the three.

Wind Farm Service

Wind Farm ServiceTo meet the future demands of offshore wind farms Gladding-Hearn offers a range of Incat Crowther Designed catamaram utilty and service vessels ranging from 17 to 50 meters.

Boat Building / Repair

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