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Generon, IGS

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Generon, IGS

Generon IGS is an industry-leading provider of comprehensive gas separation and compression solutions. We specialize in designing, manufacturing and servicing Nitrogen Membrane and PSA Generators, Membrane Dyers and Dehydration Systems, Primary and Booster Compression Systems, Process Gas Systems and Custom-Engineered Solutions

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AT/B Engineering/Conversions

AT/B Engineering/ConversionsThe ALAFIA and her tug, KELLY, are operated by International Ship Management Services, of New Jersey. The ALAFIA is a liguid molten sulfur barge, owned by CARGILL, INC., an internationally known company dealing in all manner of agriproducts and minerals. Originally, as a towed tug and barge, this unit encountered significant weather delays. ISMS came to OT&BE to find a solution to this problem. The best solution was deemed to be a refit of the Bludworth connection system to the tug and barge. Since her refit, downtime due to weather delays have been virtually zero, and the unit not only is more reliable as to ETA and transit times, but speed has increased, as has crew comfort—and the unit is making more trips per year and generating additional income . This Bludworth conversion is similar to one down on the Penn Maritime vessels AMBERJACK/BISCAYNE. Specially designed skegs were developed by OT&BE through advanced structural design methods, and applied to the barge. J.Cook Marine in turn engineered a Bludworth pad and bow unit design for the tug, and OT&BE coordinated the effort. The end result is a more productive, safer, and livable unit.

The 140,000 BBL Double Hull Ocean Tank Barge

The 140,000 BBL Double Hull Ocean Tank BargeThe S/R NEW YORK, is a 140,000 bbl OPA90-compliant ocean tank barge built for Mobil Oil Corp., US Fleets, in 1999, then transferred to Sea River Maritime after the Exxon-Mobil merger. She operated the first years of her life in New England, and currently operates cross-Gulf for Sea River. She works with our ATLANTIC class AT/B tug, S/R EVERETT. This AT/B is equipped with the INTERCON connection system. The barge was built at Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay, WI. Of note is that during the severe winter of 2000/2001 in the Northeast, the EVERETT/NEW YORK was not weatherbound even a single time. The barge hull and overall design was created by CT Marine, of Rowayton, CT, with whom OT&BE collaborates extensively, and is part of a group of ocean tank barge designs we have available for construction. The barge features diesel powered cargo pumps (4), with a capacity of 20,000 BBL/hour when all pumps are running, over 4 segregations. She has 8 pair of cargo tanks, with 8 pair inner side/bottom ballast tanks. The barge can be arranged many different ways to suit varying cargoes, discharge capacities, pumping systems, etc. The barge features a hull shape designed for maximum speed in heavy seas.

The ATLANTIC II Class AT/B Tugboat

The ATLANTIC II Class AT/B TugboatThe NICOLE LEIGH REINAUER is paired with the double-hulled ocean tank barge, RTC 135, built by Alabama Shipyard, Inc. of Mobile, AL. The combination operate along the U.S. East Coast moving clean petroleum products. During the winter of 2000/2001, the NICOLE and her near sister, the “S/R EVERETT”, almost singlehandedly kept Rhode Island in heating oil and gasoline. The large number of winter storms and their severity, caused virtually all barges and most ships to be weatherbound even more than normal. Despite the winter storms, which often had winds exceeding 50 knots and seas in the 20 foot range offshore, the NICOLE and RTC 135 were not weatherbound even once. Nor was the EVERETT with her barge, the S/R NEW YORK. The NICOLE handles her barge with ease. She has oversized rudders and large diameter wheels, and her Captains remark that she handles her barge “like a sports car”. As a combination, the NICOLE/RTC 135 makes sea speed in excess of 11 knots loaded. Her CAT 3612 main engines and Lufkin gears have performed flawlessly since her delivery in 1999. She introduced ship-like reliability in ETA’s to New England clean-product terminals. She continues to operate in this trade in 2001. Reinauer is taking delivery of a sister tug in 2001, and another in 2002.

The SEAWAY Class AT/B Tugboat

The SEAWAY Class AT/B TugboatThe DOROTHY ANN, is a 125’, 7,200 BHP AT/B tug built for Interlake Transportation, of Cleveland. She works with a former laker, converted to a self-unloading bulk barge, the “PATHFINDER” (ex-Mauthe). The tug is unique in many ways. It has Z-drive propulsion, provided by a pair of Ulstein units in her stern. This allows her to transit tight Lakes waterways in safety, and she can turn her 600 foot barge with ease. She is in fact, the largest Z-drive tug in North America. She has an AT/B tug to barge connection, manufactured by HYDRACONN, of Escanaba, MI. Of note, is her 75 foot height of eye, designed to see over the loop-belt tower on the PATHFINDER. She has a large, spacious ship-like bridge, with 360 degree visibility. Accommodation on the tug is of very high quality, as is Lakes custom. Her two EMD 20 cylinder 645 engines, turn out 3600 BHP each. The tug’s length allows her to fit with her barge, into the locks of the St. Lawrence Seaway system. The tug’s unique superstructure design, accommodates the large number of single-man crew rooms, a large galley and mess area, and extensive HVAC machinery. All of the air to her engine room passes through filter units on the 01 deck. Despite her height, the tug has a positive stability range of nearly 85 degrees. She currently operates all over the Lakes.

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