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GEA Mechanical Equipment US Inc

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GEA Mechanical Equipment US Inc

GEA Mechanical Equipment US, Inc. is a Division of GEA Westfalia Separator. We are one of the largest manufacturers of high speed centrifugal purifiers. In the Marine Market, we manufacture Fuel Oil and Lube Oil Purifiers, Bilge Water Oily Water Separators, Sludge Treatment Systems, Ballast Water Systems, Sea Water Distillers, and various ancillary equipment to support all Marine Machinery Equipment.

We have a vast Global OMS Network, including Service, Repair and Spare Parts for 24/7 operation.

Products & Services


GEA Marine Separator

GEA Marine Separator is the first Marine Separator to incorporate an Integrated Direct Drive and Push the Limits of Centrifugal Technology. Our Integrated Direct Drive decrease service intervals, reduces man-hours, and has a 50% smaller footprint. All of this is accomplished without sacrificing our Certified Flow Rate and GEA’s dependability.

Ballast Water Treatment System

The GEA BallastMaster is powered by Trojan Marinex which has current AMS approval for fresh, brackish, and sea water. Some of the key features are Unique patented design combining UV and filtration in one housing, a 50% lower power draw based on proprietary Solo Lamp Technology, and a very small footprint with minimal weight for ease of retrofitting into existing engine rooms and it is tested under the most severe water conditions for UV transmittance.

Fuel Oil and Lube Oil Purifiers

With their high g-force, these "E" series separators set the new standard around the world for the treatment of fuel and lube oils for maritime use. They are designed for unmonitored continuous operation and comply with all the regulations of the classification societies. Function: Continuous treatment of fuel and lube oils. The GEA Separator "E" type separators are equipped with a GEA Separator softstream inlet system for gentle product treatment. This results in optimum separating efficiency and higher specific capacities. The patented GEA Separator hydrostop system of the GEA Separator "E" type separators enables controlled bowl ejections to be carried out at full operating speed.

Bilge Water System (OWS)

GEA Separator has a full line of Bilge Water Separators (OWS) which are based on the principle of high speed centrifugal separation. This principle allows for the highest efficiency in reducing the water in oil content of your bilge water down to less than 5 ppm. Based on the design of the system, it can be operated 24/7, either in recirculation mode or overboard discharge without having the shut the system down for backwashing and chemical treatment. NO chemicals are required.

Boat Building Supplies

  • Watermakers

Fuel / Lubricants

  • Oily Water Separators
  • Filtration & Separation

Pollution Control / Environmental Services

  • Ballast Water Treatment Systems
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